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smith tool strikes a machining gusher: toyoda 5-axis hmcs handle drill bit diversity with flexibility. (machining centers).

by:SNK     2019-09-14
What\'s the difference in a year.
Not long ago, the oil and gas industry fell into its worst downturn in years.
Today, the energy crisis has boosted global gas and oil drilling activity.
For Ponca City, OK, plant of Smith tools, the timing is no better.
Smith tools international division is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of complex knives (drill bits)
Drilling for natural gas, oil, mining and many other commercial applications.
Drill bits are even used to drill holes under buildings, rivers and roadshorizontally-
Create channels for laying cables.
Smith tools produce two types of drill bits: milling drill bits and carbide blades (TCI)
Rock drill bits for oil industry and blastinghole, pilot-
Drilling and hammering heads for the mining market.
The decision to invest in the latest CNC machining center is determined by the company\'s target of the parent company, Houston, Texas.
Headquartered in Smith International, it emphasizes the speed at which customers need innovative design products.
The belief of management is technology.
The basic product to reduce the total cost of drilling is the market demand, manufacturing technology must deal with the short-term demand
Small batch production.
\"Since 1981, the number and combination of our products has changed dramatically,\" explains Peter M . \".
Director Davis-
Manufacturing Engineering.
\"At that time, the company could have 150 drill bits of different sizes and types.
Today, we have 1,000 different designs and types, and new designs, including all design iterations, are being added at an average rate of two to three new designs per day.
Product design can spread quickly.
Davis said that a new product introduced by Smith tools last year, with a diameter of 5 5/8 ~ 6 3/4 ~ The explorer has reached 120 different components and sizes.
The size of the drill bit manufactured by Ponca City factory is from 6 ~ The diameter is slightly higher than 18 ~ The diameter varies.
Drill bit size greater than 18 3/4 ~ Larger machines are needed and manufactured at the Smith tool factory in Italy.
\"In addition, the batch size has been reduced to a small part of the original.
At that time, it was common to have a typical batch of 200 . \"
Today, the average batch size of ecustom is 10 and the delivery time is-
In order to satisfy a very competitive market, engineering products have been cut to a few days. Choosing 5-
\"Shaft processing\" until 1995, we promised to use 5-
We basically use 20-year-
The old technique of producing drill bits, \"explained Dennis Bond, manager --
Technical support team for Smith tools.
\"We need hundreds of special multi-purpose knives.
We have been using spindle machines for most of 20 years.
Bond said: \"Toyoda\'s machine makes it possible for us to process all the sides of the Assembly, and to fix and complete the parts without a second fix in order to drill holes on the cone
\"We can also fix two different parts, one on each table. \" The 5-
Its Toy\'s shaft processing capacity has undergone important changes in the way Smith tools process drill bits.
\"The number of knives has decreased by 95%, reaching the standard cutting tool, and the cycle time has decreased by 75%,\" Bond noted . \".
Bond said: \"We have moved from relying on special and expensive tools to being able to use standard cutting blades that are easily accessible to tool vendors like Kennametal, Sandvik and ingersoll.
In addition, Bond said that Toyoda\'s machine runs from 95 to 96 percent, three shifts a day.
\"These machines are very hard and can provide the precision and productivity we need.
\"When Smith tools began looking for new horizontal machining centers in the medium term
1990, it evaluated the machines of five leading manufacturers and selected four FA 550 horizontal processing centers for Toyoda men.
The first machine is equipped with a tsudaoma 5-axis table.
\"There are no double tsudakomable for the first four toys,\" said Jack DeLaughter, president of Tulsa Toyoda\'s professional machine tool distribution company.
\"Once Smith sees the productivity possibilities of running one part on one tray and running another on the second, every Toyoda zhangmen machine has since been equipped with two sets.
\"At the last clearing point, Smith tools has ordered 20 toys, two of which are on the order.
Walking through the Ponca City factory of Smith tools, you can find it on the latest 5-
Horizontal axis processing technology.
Toyoda\'s FA 550 s and 630 s exist in five manufacturing units producing drill bits, respectively.
The size of the drill bit ranges from \"diameter for mining to 18\" diameter below 6 1/4 for oil and gas exploration, with five holes drilled according to the size and type of the drill bit.
The two types of drill bits consist of three identical legs and three cones.
The configuration of each cone is slightly different (
Cone 1, 2 and 3 specified)
In this way, when rotating to chew uprock and anything else encountered underground, they form a grid.
The grinding cone used to drill the \"softer\" formation is hard.
The TCI drill bit is designed for drilling the \"harder\" formation with carbide blades installed in the drill holes on the cone.
Same leg, features 120-
The degree segment on the cone and the connecting hole that has an spherical radius matching the spherical radius.
Three cones and legs were assembled.
Insert the bearing and weld the entire assembly together.
The legs and cones are steel forgings for carbon.
In addition to milling on toys, drilling is also the main processing operation.
Bond said that this year alone, 6 million holes will be drilled on TCI cones in Punta Cana.
For the TCI cone, all holes, including holes drilled in angles, can be drilled in one unit, which shortens the cycle time by 10 to 15%.
The bearing surface of the leg is machined to be superior to the rear 20 rmsheat-
The turnkey co-engineering support provided by Toyoda Zhangnan and machine tool experts continues to provide machines ready for production.
\"The BeforeSmith tool has delivered every toy of it, and this project has been proven to justify the cycle time at arlingtonts, Toyoda\'s arlingtonts
Headquarters and Engineering Center, \"said Bond.
Use actual customization
Toyota developed engineering fixtures for Smith tools with some of the ideas offered by manufacturers and dealers, proving each processing application.
\"Everything forward from the Tsudakoma side belongs to the Smith tool,\" DeLaughter explained . \".
\"They sent it to us and we put it at the engineering center of Toyoda Zhangnan to prove its application before the machine was delivered.
\"Training is an ongoing demand in Ponca City, which is located in wellaway, a pool of traditional highly skilled labor. \"This is true5-
\"Axis programming,\" Bond said.
\"It\'s not the easiest, but once our programmers and operators are on the same page, machinistscan can easily move between one machine and another.
\"In a recent training conducted by Toyoda, macros were introduced to enable the operator to reach the right angle head that it is widely used in processing.
\"A lot of money is saved in setuptime alone,\" Bond said . \".
\"It\'s helpful that all of our new machines have fanuccontrol.
\"One of our goals in choosing toys is to be more consistent in the number of different controls in the factory,\" Bond explained . \".
In this regard, the Smith tool has achieved admirable success, reducing the number of different CNC controls by 90%.
In addition to the investment in toys, Smith Tool has developed its own proprietary drilling simulation program IDEAS (
Integrated Dynamic and engineer Analysis System).
Ponca City created drill bit design for mining tools;
Oil and gas drilling at Smith International\'s Houston headquarters.
Smith International, the parent company of Smith tools, is preparing for the future, adding the Poly crystal diamond compact (PDC)
The quality of the product.
Through a wholly owned subsidiary, manufacture of polycrystal diamond compact cutters for diamond drill bits and Diamond
Enhanced products for other drilling tools.
Artificial diamonds and super hard products for industrial applications.
Toyoda Machinery Co. , Ltd.
IL or 419 laps.
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