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Small talk about nc lathe CNC lathe manufacturer fault handling methods

by:SNK     2020-08-30
Small talk about nc lathe CNC lathe manufacturer to deal with the release date: 2019 - 03 - Author: small make up click: CNC lathe control system of intelligent degree is very high, generally has a fault self-diagnosis function. In general, a failure occurs there is alarm message, according to the description of troubleshooting method checks, most of the failure to find a solution. Of course, there are some faults in the numerical control lathe in use, no alarm, the phenomenon is not obvious. In this case, the handle can be as simple as the well-documented. To this kind of fault handling, when maintenance personnel lack of work experience, processing will make wrong judgment, often cause unnecessary economic loss or extended maintenance time. To the cause of such failure was found, first must be from the freely crisscross, the surface phenomenon, find out its true phenomenon, in confirm the failure phenomenon, find out the cause of the happen. Parameters directly affect the performance of the numerical control lathe, it is prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of numerical control lathe, the causes of problems parameters generally have the following situation, a situation is when the battery power is insufficient or by external interference, easy to cause the loss of some parameters or change, leading to the numerical control lathe cannot work normally, at this time as long as a timely adjustment, checking the parameters can be dropped the troubleshooting; Is a situation in the case of CNC lathe sit idle for a long time, also easy to cause the loss of parameters, the response is to examine and recovery parameters; Still have a kind of situation is due to in the process of nc lathe in the long run, cause mechanical wear of moving parts, electrical components performance is changed, the parameter is adjusted, in this case, the correction of the parameter in time to come. Small CNC lathe manufacturer cannot move the reason may be that the lathe numerical control system of the reset button is switched on, the numerical control system in a state of emergency stop. If a program executes, screen location changes, and lathe, should check whether the lathe is in the locked state, feed speed setting whether there are any errors, whether the system is in a state of alarm. Lathe can't normal return to zero, and report to the police. The reason for this is generally the pulse encoder feedback signal input to the main printed circuit board, such as disconnect or connect to pulse encoder pulse encoder cable bolt. Spindle without braking the fault reasons and processing methods: (1) abnormal braking circuit or high voltage components damage: check the bridge pile, fuse, ac contactor is damaged; Check whether high voltage circuit breakers. (2) the braking time is not long enough, or the inverter braking time parameter adjustment system. No braking signal output (3) system: replacement of internal components or sent for repair. (4) inverter control parameters set: refer to instruction manual frequency converter, inverter parameter set correctly.
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