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Small talk about car milling compound CNC lathe CNC lathe manufacturer's future development

by:SNK     2020-08-30
Small talk about car milling compound CNC lathe CNC lathe manufacturer in the future development of the release date: 2019 - 01 - Author: 24 small make up click: car milling compound CNC lathe is fast development and widely used in composite lathe numerical control equipment. Composite lathe is one of the important direction of lathe. Composite lathe, including car milling compound, car milling compound, milling composite combined with 3 d printing, cutting, cutting and ultrasonic vibration compound, laser and punching a variety of forms such as composite, composite purpose is to make a lathe has the versatility, it can be finished once clamping multitasking, improve the machining efficiency and machining accuracy. Realize the trend of the development of the composite CNC milling machine and the direction from low-end to high-end, from primary products processing to the transition of the advanced manufacturing, implementation from made in China to created in China, from the manufacturer to the manufacturing power shift. Car milling compound machining technology of the advanced concept is to improve product quality and shorten the product manufacturing cycle, is a kind of integrated with modern advanced control technology, precision measurement technology and CAD/CAM application technology of advanced machining technology. The technology provides a perfect processing solution: a clamping can realize multiple surface or on the surface of the complex shape parts processing, greatly simplifies the complexity of the workpiece clamping and tool system, reduce the fixture and non-production time. It not only can satisfy the users in improving production efficiency, guarantee the machining precision, reduce the parts delivery and inventory, reduce the area of demand, also meet the demands of energy conservation and emissions reduction in modern society, and the extent of its process and ability is strong, has become the current composite lathe, is one of the current worldwide advanced mechanical processing equipment. Aerospace, military industry, ship manufacturing of the product has been a important stage play a role of advanced manufacturing technology, and milling complex CNC lathe and milling complex processing technology applications in these areas has a great advantage, especially for some complex shape of special-shaped parts processing advantages more apparent. As the aerospace, military industry, ship products in the field of quickening update speed, the procedure of processing equipment will be replaced by process focused on flexible, automation equipment, it provides car milling compound machining center with a more broad space for development and application. For CNC lathe machining efficiency and machining quality, automatic programming nc system not only has the, feedforward control, fuzzy control, self-learning control, automatic generation of process parameters, 3 d cutting tool compensation, intelligent functions such as dynamic compensation movement parameters, and a fault diagnosis expert system, makes the diagnosis and fault monitoring function is more perfect. Intelligent servo drive system, can automatically sensing load change, automatic optimization of adjusting parameters. Domestic small CNC lathe CNC system is working to intelligent direction development, introduces some intelligent technology.
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