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Small CNC lathe manufacturer to analyze the main reason for the CNC lathe collision

by:SNK     2020-08-31
Small CNC lathe CNC lathe manufacturer analysis of the main causes of collision release date: 2019 - 01 - Author: 24 small make up click: the application of the numerical control lathe is more and more widely, has deep into the economic development of various industries. With the application of numerical control lathe, crash is also common occurance, become the common problems in the development of numerical control lathe. CNC lathe expensive, in the event of a crash, you can make the lathe tool damage, serious word will reduce the precision of lathe, the machine parts damaged, even can let the lathe scrap directly. Some workers also therefore paid a heavy price. Improve the work efficiency of the lathe, reduce the crash rate of lathe, has become a key problem. The main reason for the CNC lathe collision analysis is as follows: 1, of the diameter of the cutting tool, and the length of the input error; 2, about the size of the workpiece and other related geometric size of the input error and the initial position of the workpiece positioning error; 3, small CNC lathe manufacturer of CNC lathe workpiece coordinate setting error, or machine zero point in the process of machining is reset, and produce change, machine tool collision occurs mostly in the process of fast moving machine tool, then the collision of harm is bigger, should absolutely avoid. So the operator should pay special attention to numerical control lathe in the initial stages of execution when replacing cutting tool and machine tool, once the program editing mistake at this time, the diameter of the cutting tool and the length of the input errors, it is easy to collide. Operators operating procedures will also affect the operation condition of the CNC lathe. Many crashes are caused by the operator improper operation. The operator improper operation has the following kinds: ( 1) Is not in the starting position to start the program. Start program will rest on the in situ, while began to work, general operations staff will check carefully. After failure is likely to be on the way to suspend the start, when the operator does not pay attention to check, caused the crash. ( 2) In the middle of the head start location, program location to start the machine. This method can cause perforated tape machine pause in later, did not remember the location of the mobile paper tape; Are likely to pause, stored procedure of nc machine tool operation did not press the 'reset' button. ( 3) Manual operation is not normal, press the button to give up fast too slow, adopt manual pulse generator tool wrong direction, the tool into the workpiece. ( 4) Attention because there is no longer the cutting tool, in the automatic operation and manual operation, is likely to crash. ( 5) The cutting tool compensation value discrepancy. Revised the size, the need to manually input tool compensation value, it is easy to careless problems, the cutting tool and workpiece.
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