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Small CNC lathe factory talk about CNC machine tool accuracy and resolution of the encoder

by:SNK     2020-08-26
Small CNC lathe factory talk about the relationship between accuracy and resolution of the nc machine tool encoder release date: 2019 - 01 - 24 author: small make up click: numerical control lathe numerical control lathe for short, this is a kind of digital computing technology was applied to the lathe control technology. It in the process of the mechanical processing of various control information in the digital representation of code, through information carrier type numerical control device. After processing the numerical control device and a variety of control signals, control the action of lathe, according to the shape and size of the drawing requirements, automatically to parts processing. Small CNC lathe manufacturer of CNC lathe solve complex, precision, small batch and many varieties of parts processing, is a kind of flexible, highly efficient automatic lathes, represents the development direction of modern lathe control technology, is a typical mechatronics product. 'Accuracy' is used to describe the accuracy of the quantities, the reaction between measured values and the real value of error, and divided 'resolution' is used to describe the scale, its response is a numerical reading can read the small changes in the process of value. Jane metaphor: a common range for 10 cm scale, which has 100 scale, small can actually read the effective value of 1 mm. 100 read values like this; And its accuracy is not actually, because use this ruler read 2 mm, we didn't know he is the real value of absolute error between the 2 mm. And when we use fire to bake it, and make it a long, and then look at it again. We is not hard to find, it still has 100 scale, so it 'resolution' or 1 mm, just like the original! However, its accuracy obviously has changed. For the encoder, the 'resolution' in addition to the related with the scribed line number, also due to the influence of electrical signal change, it is adjustable and controllable, it can change, with the subdivision of the signal segment ratio is higher, the smaller the resolution, but multiple segment is higher, the greater the introduction of greater error. And precision, more biased towards the mechanical aspects of a product produced, after he has fixed the accuracy of the basic ( Some of the high precision products can compensate, etc) to improve the precision of signal , this value is through testing, it with the work of the product, material and so on comprehensive performance is closely linked, we concluded by computing a concrete numerical value as the basis of precision, most can only be used to judge the accuracy of the process quality. Not get smaller, the better the resolution of the the segmentation, because subdivision will introduce error and expand, excessive segment will not be able to guarantee accuracy! How many times the segmentation, can do how many times the subdivision, premise must be on the basis of guarantee the accuracy, because before use invisibility and high precision subdivision is irresponsible. Encoder quality is higher, the better the scribed line, signal quality, the better, subdivided error generation is smaller, the affected by the comprehensive performance of an encoder, which is why would under the same parameters, there will be a different brand, different price of the encoder.
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