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Small CNC lathe common position detection device classification

by:SNK     2020-08-29
Small CNC lathe common position detection device classification release date: 2019 - 11 - 06 author: click: simply put, small CNC lathe with high precision is processing ability and the ability to walk a complex, in addition to depending on their configuration of electronic control unit, is mainly for the positioning accuracy of machine tool and repeat positioning accuracy, fundamental influence on these two indexes is the accuracy of machine tool feed system. Unlike ordinary equipment, small CNC lathe feed system is no longer the simple reduction gear box and the trapezoidal screw, but has a high precision ball screw, servo control device, servo motor and on-line position detection device. This article is to introduce, small common position detection device classification and characteristics of the numerical control lathe, the hope can give a help line processing personnel. A, direct measurement and indirect measurement of the characteristics of the so-called indirect measurement refers to the position detection device installed in front of the execution unit components or drive motor shaft, measuring the angular displacement, after transmission ratio transform can obtain the execution unit linear displacement. This kind of position detection structure can constitute a half closed loop servo feed system, is now commonly used small economical nc lathe control mode. Indirect measurement method is the use of the advantages of convenient and reliable, and no length limits; But the drawback is adopted in the detection signal transmission chain error of straight into rotary motion, thus extent, affected the accuracy of measurement, however, generally through the compensation function of CNC system for transmission error compensation, in order to improve positioning accuracy. Direct measurement is relative to indirect measurement, is refers to the position detection device installed in the end of the execution parts direct measurements performed on parts of linear displacement or angular displacement. This way of testing can constitute a closed loop feed servo system. Due to the high detection accuracy, generally used in high-end or small high precision CNC lathe. But the disadvantage is cost high, using high environmental requirements for machine tools, general need dust-free workshop. Second, the characteristics of the incremental type measuring type measuring method to measure the unit under test in a coordinate system of coordinates value, then in binary or decimal digital signal through its configuration of nc machine tool device, generally should be converted into digital pulse signal, can compare and display. Adopt the measure, however, the higher the resolution requirements, its structure is more complicated, the requirements for small numerical control lathe numerical control device, and thus not too widely used. Incremental detection way only measuring displacement increment, and the number of digital pulse to indicate the number of unit displacement, every mobile unit gives a measurement signal. Its advantage is relatively type measuring way detection device is simpler, any midpoint can be used as a starting point measurement. Is now small CNC lathe application to a wide range of a type of testing.
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