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Slant bed reverse connect braking principle of CNC lathe spindle parsing

by:SNK     2020-08-23
Slant bed reverse connect braking principle of CNC lathe spindle parsing release date: 2019 - 07 - 30 clicks: 395 slant bed reverse connect braking principle of CNC lathe spindle parsing slant bed CNC lathe generally configure automatic chip removal machine, can automatically remove scraps, increase effective working hours of workers. The slant bed CNC lathe turning Angle of tooth surface and tooth dorsal horn, to pay attention to the choice of turning tool main and deputy letter Angle with tool rest device status is. Skiving machine tool can consider to choose the partial knife cutting dorsal horn. With a knife, the blade must aim at the axis of the workpiece. Turning each cone, pay attention to the small drag plate stroke position whether reasonable, insurance. When tightening the small drag plate fastening nut, to avoid wrench skidding and abrade hand. Slant bed CNC lathe spindle brake: first motor three-phase power disconnected, and then pass into the phase sequence of different power supply, namely reverse connect the power supply, it changed the direction of the rotating magnetic field, enter the braking state at this time. Because of inertia, rotational speed can't mutation, and the electromagnetic torque is negative, reverse connect braking principle, the rotor will be on electromagnetic torque and negative torque load rapidly decelerate, under the function of the electromagnetic torque and rotational speed of the direction is opposite. For the rotor completely stop, should cut off the power supply, or motor will reverse is up and running. The advantages of this method lies in the braking effect is obvious, and the structure of simple and easy to implement, but the drawback is that the accuracy is poorer, difficult to accurately control the braking time, easy to cause the motor reverse start, and brake braking when the current is very big, must be concatenated resistance in the main circuit. Too often, if the operation time is too long, brake resistance will be very easy to burn out due to fever badly. In addition, the reverse effect of brake torque powerful and sudden can be make a big impact, easy to cause larger mechanical damage to transmission mechanism. So this method is not applicable this is originally the braking device on the lathe. Armature and motor pulley fastening connection, when the brake motor on the one hand because of power cut speed slow down, on the other hand this moment through the electromagnetic coil, bubbled into alternating current (ac) magnetic yoke, under the action of strong magnetic yoke will pulley firmly to absorb, so the spindle rotation can stop quickly. The armature and the brake piece up better suction and braking effect. Power brake, electromagnetic coil, pulley free state, ready to start next time. This on a lathe is a more commonly used methods of braking, especially for ordinary lathe, because of its braking effect is good, small power loss, and the brake failure after the replacement brake piece, completely does not affect the service life of the motor. But only applies to the production efficiency is not high, ordinary lathe, such as manual operation for the very frequent, spindle speed and inertia torque, high energy consumption braking, first from the stator winding three-phase ac power disconnected, then immediately applying a low voltage dc power supply into the closed dc power through the stator winding of the stator winding, inside the motor braking energy principle circuit diagram to create a constant magnetic field, as a result of the rotor in motor system storage to rotate under the mechanical energy to maintain the rotor conductors produce, induced potential and current interact to produce the electric current and a constant magnetic field direction and rotor rotating in the opposite direction of brake torque, under the action of it, motor speed drops rapidly, the sports system storage consumption of mechanical energy is converted into electricity motor in the rotor circuit of the resistance. Because the braking effect and the motor there is contradiction between the service life of the relationship, to improve braking effect must be increased by winding to improve the current braking torque, but the current is too large, more than the use standard and can lead to a fever badly winding and burn out so generally can't into the winding current is too large, while the braking effect is poorer, corresponding comprehensive, by contrast, the solution is better than the previous two, accurate, stable and relatively low failure rate, if the braking effect is not too high requirements, this method still can yet be regarded as an economic and practical scheme.
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