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Slant bed manufacturer of numerical control lathe, numerical control machine tool precision index

by:SNK     2020-09-04
Slant bed manufacturer of numerical control lathe, numerical control machine tool precision index released time: 2015 - 10 - 16 clicks: 3344 precision is one of the important technology index nc machine tool. Mainly refers to the machining accuracy, positioning accuracy and precision of repeat positioning accuracy. 1, positioning accuracy and repeat precision positioning accuracy is index control machine table moving parts, such as location and instruction consistent degree of actual movement, the inconsistent dispersion is the positioning error. Positioning error of servo system, test system, feed system, such as error, also includes the geometric error of moving parts guide rail, etc. Positioning error will directly affect the position precision of parts processing. Repeat positioning accuracy is to point to in the same numerical control machine tool, apply the same procedure is the same code processing of a batch of parts, get the consistent degree of continuous results. Repeat positioning accuracy by servo system characteristics, clearance and rigidity of feed system and friction characteristics, the influence of such factors as. Usually, repeated positioning accuracy is a normal distribution of random error, it affects the consistency of a batch of parts processing, is a very important performance indicators. 2, the dividing precision indexing accuracy refers to the degree in the workbench degree, the actual difference between rotating Angle and turning Angle of instruction. Dividing affects both parts processing precision parts in Angle position of the space, also can influence the alignment of the hole is processed. The pulse equivalent and 3, resolution refers to the minimum displacement can distinguish intervals. For measuring system, the resolution is the minimum displacement can be measured; For control system, the resolution is the minimum displacement increment, can control the numerical control device each send a pulse signal, reflected in the machine moving parts on the amount of mobile, generally referred to as the pulse equivalent. Pulse equivalent is one of the original data design of CNC machine tools, its numerical decide the size of the nc machine tools machining precision and surface quality. The smaller the pulse equivalent, nc machine tools machining precision and surface quality is higher. 4, the machining accuracy in recent years, with the development of nc machine tool and the characteristics of the machine tool structure is improved, the performance of the numerical control lathe and quality has improved significantly. Medium specifications of the machining center, its positioning precision o-level reach ( ± 0. 005∽± 0. 008). Mm / 300 mm, precision level to achieve & plusmn; 0. 001∽± 0. 003 mm/full; Regular grade precision of the machining center processing & plusmn; 1. 5μ Grade m, ultra-precision CNC lathe machining roundness has reached 0. 1μ M, the surface roughness of Ra0. 3μ m。
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