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Slant bed CNC lathes in the use of the advantages of analysis

by:SNK     2020-09-01
Slant bed CNC lathes in the use of the advantages of analysis release date: 2015 - 06 - 25 clicks: a 3420 times, can slant bed CNC lathe processing high precision products for CNC machine tool carriage drive screw, basically is a high precision ball screw, often there is a certain gap between the screw and nut, so screw in one direction and then reverse transmission, can produce a backlash and affect the final machining accuracy. The slant bed CNC machine tool under the action of gravity will directly ACTS on the screw's axial, often difficult to appear when the transmission backlash. For example, you can find a common nut and screw, the vertical upward, screw, screw, and then reverse back to, you'll find nut from side pressure screw, so didn't make the reverse clearance, if let the nut and screw flat, it will be difficult to have this effect. Second, the slant bed CNC lathe good rigidity, not easy to cause vibration cutting. Slant bed CNC machine tool in cutting, tend to be located in inclined top artifacts, cutting force and the main shaft workpiece formed by gravity is consistent, so the spindle operation will be stable, it is difficult to appear the phenomenon of cutting vibration. And ordinary numerical control lathe, otherwise, they are on the job, the cutting tool and the workpiece produced upwards, cutting force and the gravity of the spindle artifacts produced inconsistent, so it would be easy to produce vibration, big noise, and will ultimately affect the stiffness of the machine and service life. Three other advantages slant bed, slant bed CNC lathe CNC lathe is mainly in sophisticated all the many varieties of axially symmetrical parts, used in medium and small batch processing. At the same time, it can also be equipped with hydraulic chuck and the tailstock, to achieve automatic up-down material, equipped with good system and features a clamping can realize the function of turning and milling, etc. Can, circular, cylindrical, steps, cone, sphere, groove, all kinds of screw thread processing on the complex curved surface and the edge, also can undertake all kinds of high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, heat-resistant alloy, stainless steel, cast iron, cast steel material such as casting forging blank pieces of all kinds of processing. For castings, the first to be tempered, eliminate internal stress, X, Z axis linear guide rail, guide rail is used for the cutting process, but also for straightness calibration, in order to ensure the accuracy of precision machine tool movement and keep cutting products. Finally, slant bed CNC lathe has good reliability, rigidity, precision, long life, processing speed, the all kinds of difficult to machining materials can be coarse, fine, finishing. Slant bed CNC lathe spindle drive short twist, and higher speed. All the advantages of this are extremely beneficial to the cutting work.
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