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Slant bed CNC lathe manufacturer to introduce the function of the lathe tool post and type

by:SNK     2020-08-27
Slant bed CNC lathe manufacturer to introduce the function of the lathe tool post and type release date: 2016 - 08 - 10 clicks: a 2128 times, the function of the slant bed CNC lathe tool post machine tool on the tool post after it was an important part of a tool, a lot of rest also directly involved in cutting, such as the four sides on the horizontal lathe tool post, turret lathe turret head, back wheel back to the round of the turret lathe tool post, automatic lathe turret head and rest balance, etc. These tool post put the cutting tool, but also directly involved in the cutting, bear great cutting force, so it tends to be relatively weak link in the process system. With the development of automation technology, machine tool rest also have made some changes, especially on nc lathe USES electric ( Liquid) Transposition of automatic tool post, some still use two rotary cutter. Machining center is further used the library and change knife manipulator, the mass storage in the cutting tool and the function of the automatic switching of cutting tool, the number of the library placed the knives from dozens to hundreds of the automatic switching tool time reduced from more than ten seconds to a few seconds even zero a few seconds. This library and change knife manipulator of automatic tool change device, has become the main characteristics of the machining center. Second, the slant bed CNC lathe tool post types according to the different methods of tool change, numerical control lathe tool holder system mainly include rotary tool rest, rest and take knife library automatic tool change device such as a variety of forms, in the face of this three kinds of tool carriage made simple introduction: 1, the row type tool carriage row type CNC lathe tool rest are used for small specification, mainly processing bar or plate parts. Its structure form is: with various different USES tool clamping toolholder along the X axis direction of the machine tool is arranged on the transverse slide. This tool post decorate in the cutting tool and machine tool adjustment, etc are more convenient, can according to the requirements of the specific workpiece turning technology, any combination of different USES of cutting tool, a tool cutting task finished, transverse slide as long as according to the preset program along the X axis distance, after the first ErBaDao to reach processing position, this completes the tool change machine. This way of tool change quickly to save time, improve the production efficiency of machine tool. 2, rotary head rotary tool carrier is the most commonly used one kind of typical for CNC lathe tool rest, usually by hydraulic system or electric to achieve the automatic tool change machine action, according to the processing requirements can be designed into four, six party head or disc type tool rest, and accordingly to install the 4, 6 or more of the cutting tool. Rotary tool carriage tool change action can be divided into the tool post lift, tool post transposition and tool slide lock several steps. It is made by CNC system instructions. Rotary tool post according to head back to the bottom of shaft and installation of the relative position, divided into vertical tool rest and two horizontal tool slide. 3, with a knife library automatic tool change device installed by the row of knife rest and rotary tool rest tool cannot too much, even if is equipped with two head, also have a certain limit to the number of the cutting tool. When, for some reason need quantity more knives, knife library automatic tool change device should be adopted. With a knife library automatic tool change device consists of knife library and tool exchange mechanism.
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