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Slant bed CNC lathe manufacturer list tool post common fault causes and elimination method

by:SNK     2020-08-31
Slant bed CNC lathe manufacturer list tool rest common fault causes and elimination method to release time: 2016 - 11 - 14 clicks: 3142 tool post as the importance of numerical control lathe, the CNC lathe work plays an important role in running, once appear, fault is likely to cause artifacts scrap, and even cause chuck and tool post collision accident. Slant bed CNC lathe factory tool rest common failure causes and elimination methods are shown below: 1, 1) motor fault Three-phase power phase sequence against. Method: immediately cut off the power supply, three-phase power phase sequence adjustment. 2) The voltage is too low. Excluded methods: stay normal power supply voltage before use or add a steady voltage a regulated power supply. 3) Motor damage. Excluded methods: replace the motor. 2, CNC lathe tool post does not turn or stuck 1) Spring break. Method: change the spring, pay attention to the two pairs of pins don't confused. 2) A guide pin fracture of the clutch. Elimination method: change the guide pin, pay attention to the clutch and the location of the screw connection of the dowel pin holes. 3) Main shaft bend or break. Elimination method: change the spindle, change the way to refer to the information tool carrier type of spindle, not randomly change the spindle size, otherwise will seriously affect the service life of the tool carrier. 4) End teeth plate guide pin fracture. Elimination method: change the guide pin, pay attention to the outer end tooth plate, nut, relations between the position of the blade. 5) Rest transposition, but the rest turned multiple tool, and cannot be fixed in any level. Method: to test hall element static parameters and dynamic parameters, if the parameters are not normal replacement of components. Replace the CPU board and location times board. 3, numerical control lathe tool slide lock is not tight 1) Transmitting plate position is. Method: open tool slide lid, twisted and adjust the transmitting plate position, make the hall element alignment of the tool carrier magnetic steel, make the knife a stop at the precise location. 2) Locks the system time is not long enough. Elimination method: adjust system locked time parameters ( New locks the tool rest time t = 1. 2 s) 。 3) Mechanical locking mechanism of failure. Elimination method: open tool rest, adjust the machine and check whether the positioning pin is broken. 4, precision CNC lathe tool rest are not allowed to be 1) Tool slide lock is not tight. Excluded methods: prolonged tool slide lock. 2) Broken teeth in the garbage. Excluded methods: break tool rest, clean up garbage, cleaning all parts, rotating parts and clean butter, inject clean oil terminal gear part. 3) Blade pressure on mould parts compression deformation or bad of the gear. Elimination method: replace the blade. 4) Head turn without stopping or rest on a tool. Method: check if there is a short circuit or open circuit phenomenon transmitting plate connection. 5) The hall element and the magnetic steel high position are inaccurate. Excluded methods: adjusting the relative position of hall element and the magnetic steel.
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