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Slant bed CNC lathe manually adjustable speed don't know to look!

by:SNK     2020-08-31
Slant bed CNC lathe manually adjustable speed don't know to look! Release date: 2020 04 - 09 clicks: 218 slant bed CNC lathe linear rolling guide satisfies the requirement of high speed and efficient, reduce the friction resistance and deformation temperature, improve the machining precision, and can ensure the long-term stability of the machining accuracy. Tool detection device can automatically point location data input numerical control system, greatly reduced the bleaching time, change of knife can automatically compensate the tip of the wear and tear. The standard spindle stepless speed regulation, and hydraulic chuck, hydraulic tailstock, horizontal eight tool carrier, enclosed protection. When designing the spindle box to take the corresponding measures to reduce the spindle thermal deformation, make the main shaft at work for a long time to maintain the relative stability of spindle axis. There is a difference between different machine tools, some machine tool can be in manual mode the rotating spindle speed digital. But most of the nc lathe can be in the condition of MDI type S how many press cycle start set spindle speed, spindle spinning the in manual mode is still the default this speed, can also be in the spindle rotates to MDI interface type S how many started in the loop. Numerical control lathe, turning center is a kind of high precision, high efficiency of automatic machine tools. Equipped with multi-station dao tower or power tower, the machine will have a wide range of processing technology, performance can be processed straight cylindrical, slash cylinder, circular arc and a variety of thread, groove, worm and other complex artifacts, compensated by linear interpolation, arc interpolation function, and in the mass production of complex parts in good economic effect. Slant bed CNC lathe is programmed according to the prior processing program, automatically to be processing parts processing. We put the parts processing craft route, process parameters and tool trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters ( The spindle revolutions, feeding, back turning, etc. ) And auxiliary function, according to the regulations of the machine tool of instruction code and program format write into the processing program list, then this program list the contents of the records in the control medium, and then input to the numerical control machine tool numerical control device, thereby command machine parts. Medium made from the analysis of the part drawing to control all the process of compiling nc program. Numerical control lathe and common machine tool is the difference between numerical control lathe machining parts according to the program automatically processing parts, while the common machine tool to operate by the people, we just change control machine action program can achieve the purpose of processing different parts. Therefore, especially suitable for the CNC lathe processing complicated shape of small batch and the requirement of high precision parts. Because of the slant bed CNC lathes must, in accordance with the procedures for processing parts, programming good program, input to the numerical control device to direct the work of the machine. The input of the program is by controlling the media.
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