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Slant bed CNC lathe has good stability

by:SNK     2020-09-03
Slant bed CNC lathe has good stability release date: 2019 - 04 - Author: small make up click: slant bed CNC lathe is a kind of high precision, efficiency, good automation machine tools. Equipped with multi-station dao tower or power tower, the machine will have a wide range of process performance, machinable straight cylindrical, slash cylinder, circular arc and a variety of thread, groove, worm and other complex artifacts, with straight line interpolation, arc interpolation individual compensation function, and in the mass production of complex parts in good economic effect. The two guide rail of the slant bed CNC lathes, fellowship with ground plane, the plane into a slope, Angle has 30 °, 45 °, 60 °, 75 °. The slant bed CNC lathe bed is a right triangle. Obviously, in the case of the same width of guide rail, slant bed X to drag board is taking longer than flat bed, the practical significance of the application on the lathe is can arrange more digits. Cross section area of slant bed CNC lathes than with the specifications of the flat bed is big, namely the resistance to bending and torsional ability is good. Good stability need too much processing parts do you usually use slant bed or flat bed inclined guide rail machine, because small CNC machine parts is very big also, corresponding parts, especially the knife tower inclined guide is for the sake of gravity has a good stability is used to improve the accuracy of machine tool, in some bad environment can reflect the superiority of inclined body of the machine tool. To improve space utilization inclined body machine can effective use of space, greatly reduced the surface covering location of machine tool. Easy to chip the tilted guide will also facilitate iron concentration in chip removal machine is easy to realize automatic chip removal. Cutting down the iron filings with high quantity of heat, accumulate in the guide will make guide heat deformation, make the change work precision, can lead to artifacts in the process of mass automatic processing of the batch scrap. CNC lathe manufacturer of custom slant bed CNC lathe cross-sectional area than with the specifications of the flat bed is big, namely, resistance to bending and torsional ability better. Slant bed CNC lathe tool is cutting down over the Angle of the workpiece, the cutting force and the gravity of the artifacts direction, so the spindle running relatively stable, not easy to cause cutting vibration, and flat bed when CNC lathe cutting, cutting tool and cutting force produced by the artifacts and artifact gravity into 90 °, easy to cause vibration. Slant bed one is the power of guide rail need not bear all, and 30 ° 45 or iron of the guide rail is not easy to peel, when high-speed mobile guide will not be iron cut scrape. And bearing surface has a point of view, thus, under the same material and the stability of machine tool, under strain and tilt is integrally cast lathe bed, toughness is relatively higher.
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