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Slant bed CNC lathe factory introduction to numerical control lathe bed and guide rail and the layout of the rest

by:SNK     2020-08-23
Slant bed CNC lathe factory introduction to numerical control lathe bed and guide rail and the layout of the tool post release date: 2016 - 04 - 11 clicks: 2847 times of CNC lathe parts, such as the spindle, tail relative to the layout of the bed form with horizontal lathe, and head and guide fundamental changes have taken place in the layout of the form, this is because the tool rest and guide the layout form of direct influence on the performance of the numerical control lathe using L bed and village J J and appearance. In addition, numerical control lathe have closed protection device. A, the layout of the nc lathe bed and guide rail the relative position of the nc lathe bed guide rail with horizontal plane a total of 4 kinds of layout form. Technology of horizontal lathe bed good, easy to guide the processing. Lathe bed with level configuration of knife slimming can raise the rate of movement of the tool post, generally can be used for the layout of the large or small precision CNC lathe numerical control lathe. However, horizontal lathe bed lower part of the space is little, which causes the difficulty in chip removal. Looked from the structure size, rest placed makes slide transverse size is longer, then increase the structure of the machine tool width size. Horizontal lathe bed with tilted skateboard and configure the layout form of tilting guide rail protective cover, on the one hand, there are horizontal lathe bed good manufacturability characteristics; , on the other hand, the size of the machine tool width level configuration skateboarding is smaller, and chip removal is convenient. Horizontal lathe bed with tilted skateboard and slant bed allocation of oblique slide layout form generally used by small and medium-sized CNC lathe. This is due to the two kinds of layout form of chip removal easy, chip won't pile up on the guide rail, also easy to install automatic chip removal device; Easy to operate, easy to install manipulator to realize single machine automation; Machine cover an area of an area small, concise and beautiful appearance, easy to achieve closed protection. Oblique lathe bed CNC lathe bed guide rail tilt Angle can be 30 & deg; ,45度; ,60度; 75度; And 90 & deg; Angle is small, chip removal inconvenience; Tilt Angle is large, guide the orientation difference, stress is also poor. Guide Angle will directly affect the size of the machine tool appearance size in proportion to the height and width. Considering the above factors, medium and small sizes of nc lathe, the lathe bed slope at 60 & deg; It is advisable. Second, the layout of the CNC lathe tool post of nc lathe tool carrier is an important part of the machine tool, cutting tool carrier is used for clamping tool, therefore, it directly affect the cutting performance of machine tool structure and cutting efficiency, to a certain extent, head structure and performance level embodies the design and manufacture of CNC lathe. With the continuous development of numerical control lathe, the tool post structure innovation, but in general can be roughly divided into two categories, namely the knife type tool rest and turret head. Some turning center also USES the automatic tool change device with a knife library. Row of knife rest is commonly used in small CNC lathe, all kinds of cutter arrangement and clamping on the mobile skateboarding, tool change can realize automatic positioning. Turret head also called or knife, knife tower has vertical and horizontal two kinds of structure forms. Has more tool positioning device automatically, with the rotation of the turret head, dividing and positioning to achieve automatic tool change machine. Degree of turret head should be accurate and reliable positioning, high repeat positioning accuracy, transfer speed, clamping cut sex good, to ensure the high precision and high efficiency of nc lathe. Some turret head can not only realize the automatic positioning, also can be passed. At present, the two coordinate linkage lathe turret tool combined with 12 points, also have use 6, 8, 10 station turret head. The layout of the turret head on the machine tool has two forms: one kind is used for processing plate parts turret head, the rotating shaft is perpendicular to the main shaft; Another kind is used for manufacturing axial and plate parts turret head, the rotating shaft is parallel to the axis. Four coordinate control Ji of CNC lathe bed equipped with two independent board and turret tool post, so called double four-axis CNC lathe. Among them, each head cutting feeding is controlled, as a result, two head can cutting the same different parts of the workpiece, at the same time expanding the processing scope, and improve the processing efficiency. Four-axis nc lathe has a complex structure and need to configure the special numerical control system, control system for the two separate head, suitable for processing complicated shape, such as crankshaft, aircraft parts batch larger parts.
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