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Slant bed CNC lathe factory, a machine tool appearance inspection before electricity

by:SNK     2020-09-03
Slant bed CNC lathe factory, rounding machine electricity appearance inspection before release time: 2016 - 11 - 21 clicks: 1 2400 times, nc machine tools, electrical inspection slant bed CNC lathe remind CNC machine tool should be open the electric cabinet of machine before use, check the relay, contactor, fuse, servo motor, speed control unit socket, spindle motor speed control unit such as presence of loose socket, such as loose should return to normal state, a locking mechanism of connectors must lock, a connecting box transfer machine be sure to check box on the socket, loose connection with and without, a locking mechanism must be locked. 2, CNC electric box to check the door is open CNC electric, check all kinds of sockets interface, servo motor feedback line socket, spindle pulse generator outlet, manual pulse generator outlet, CRT socket, etc. , such as loose again good, have a locking mechanism must be locked. Examining the printed circuit board according to the instructions on the setting of the short circuit of terminal, must conform to the state of nc machine tool factory set, really wrong should be reset, usually need to set up, but the user must keep original record of short circuit terminal Settings. Quality inspection to check all wiring terminals. Including the strong and weak electricity parts during assembly machine tool factory wiring terminal and the motor power by terminal blocks, each terminal with a screwdriver fastening once, until with screwdriver twist fixed socket must tighten the motor. 3, numerical control machine electromagnetic valve check all solenoid valves shall be pushed several times with the hand, in order to prevent the bad action caused by long time without electricity, if discovery is unusual, should make records, for confirmation after the power supply to repair or replacement. 4, numerical control machine tool limit switch check check whether all limit switch action of flexible and solid and firm, found that bad action or fixed not firm should be dealt with immediately. Button and check on the operation panel button and switch examination, 5, and check all buttons on the operation panel, switch, indicator light wiring, found wrong should be dealt with immediately, check the CRT unit electric outlet and connect line. Ground inspection requirement has the good earth, measuring machine ground, grounding resistance is not greater than 1 & Omega; 。 Power phase sequence check with phase sequence table check input power phase sequence, confirm the input power phase sequence and machine calibration of power phase sequence should be absolutely consistent throughout. 6, there are secondary wiring devices, such as power transformer, etc. , have to confirm the sequence of the secondary wiring of consistency. To ensure that the phase sequence of absolutely right. At this time should be measured voltage power and make records.
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