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Slant bed CNC lathe compared to the benefits of the flat bed lathe

by:SNK     2020-09-04
Slant bed CNC lathe compared to the benefits of the flat bed lathe release date: 2018 - 08 - 31 clicks: slant bed CNC lathe 3185 times compared to the benefits of the flat bed lathe slant bed CNC lathe is based on the principle of the nc machining of development and design, strong pertinence, in the layout of the machine tool, rigidity, precision, and chip removal ability than the flat bed CNC lathe has improved significantly. Its advantage mainly reflects in: high machining precision, numerical control machine tool drive screw is high precision ball screw, screw and nut between the transmission gap is very small, but also not to say that there is no gap, but as long as there is a gap, when screw in one direction and then reverse transmission, hard to avoid can produce backlash, with reverse gap will affect the repositioning precision of the nc machine tools, thus affect the machining accuracy. The layout of the slant bed CNC lathes can directly affect the X direction of the ball screw clearance, gravity ACTS on the screw's axial directly, make the transmission when the reverse clearance is almost zero. Flat bed X direction of the nc machine screw is not affected by the axial gravity, clearance cannot eliminate directly. This is designed to give slant bed CNC lathe precision of congenital advantage. Machine tool rigidity: slant bed CNC lathe cross-sectional area than with the specifications of the flat bed is big, the stronger resistance to bending and torsional ability. Slant bed CNC lathe tool is cutting down over the Angle of the workpiece, the cutting force and the gravity of the artifacts direction, so the spindle running relatively stable, not easy to cause cutting vibration, and at the time of the cutting flat bed CNC machine tool, cutting tool and cutting force produced by the artifacts and artifact gravity into 90 & deg; , easy to cause vibration. Good chip removal: because of the gravity slant bed CNC lathe is not easy to produce coil cutting tools, good chip removal; At the same time, cooperate with the lead screw and guide rail protective sheet metal, can avoid the chip on the lead screw and guide rail to pile up. The increase of the high degree of automation, machine tool knife digits, automatic chip removal machine configuration, are actually lay the foundation for automated production assembly. Need one more machine tools, has been the developing direction of the machine tool. Slant bed CNC lathes and milling power head, automatic feeding machine or manipulator, automatic feeding, a clamping completed all of the scrap process, automatic cutting, automatic chip removal, became a high efficiency automatic nc machine tools. Although the flat bed of nc machine tool can also increase power milling head and automatic feeding, but its structure at a disadvantage in terms of automatic production.
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