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Slant bed CNC lathe bed casting production do you know?

by:SNK     2020-09-04
Slant bed CNC lathe bed casting production do you know? Release date: 2019 12 - 12 clicks: 286 slant bed CNC lathe bed casting production do you know? Slant bed CNC lathes based of the castings are housing structures, and add a lot of stiffener, the casting structure shape is more complicated. Need to use more core casting, but also often is to be the core support fixed core, pouring from the core of the gas can also be difficult to rule out, easy to produce the defects such as porosity, sand holes. On the casting parts, such as slideway, axle hole and the place such as t-slot thicker, in addition to the easy generation of shrinkage cavity, shrinkage porosity, also due to the mechanical properties of cast iron are sensitive to wall thickness, and easy to ryukyu and loose in the organization, graphite is bulky, low hardness, low wear resistance. When these parts connected to the surrounding wall thickness is too big also easy to produce the defects such as cracks. Some oil, cutting fluid under pressure casting, demand has high air tightness, there is no leakage phenomenon. Due to machining to develop in the direction of automation, high speed, strong cutting, slant bed CNC lathes, machine casting structure can produce some change, some casting process. The slant bed CNC lathe bed casting structure is how to make? Slant bed CNC lathe bed casting and general cast iron products are the same, here we will speak of the foundry industry, a whole machine tool are from blank to finishing and debugging have been assembled, casting first from you to do the type of materials, machine tool equipment, unlike ordinary detection measure the casting, the choice must not careless, must choose authentic resin sand HT250 - high strength 300 casting materials, comparing the present scientific and practical type choices do type mold, large-scale machine tool lathe bed casting foundry type must be done to control well on quality, slightly be casting can cause deformation and fracture. Everything ready dissolving fire inside furnace, such as the fall in the model such as melting model disappear after cooling of a machine tool lathe bed casting blank was finished, after cooling for hoisting are we going to get on the machine tool equipment machining and grinding, milling, planing and other processes, finally artificial chipped surface leveling precision calibration, this basic process is completed, the rest is looking for technical personnel for abrading assembly debugging, a machine tool equipment from casting to an assembly process cannot fall to the customer's hands so products can be quality assurance.
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