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Single column when nc vertical lathe processing analysis of the common questions to help you

by:SNK     2020-08-30
Single column when nc vertical lathe processing of the common questions to help you analyze release date: 2020 - 03 - 17 clicks: 231 times in recent years the domestic machine tool industry market demand gradually turned to high-end machine tools transformation, in the case of the total market growth slow, high-precision, intelligent nc vertical lathe market share rise, vertical lathe is gradually increasing the proportion of total consumption of machine tool, CNC machine tools is fast, precise, intelligent and green direction. Relative, domestic high-end machine tools mainly still rely on imports, domestic brand's market share is very low, also can say high accuracy intelligent CNC machine will be the development trend of machine tool industry. Single column vertical lathe is one of the types of CNC vertical lathe, and is to use more of a kind. So based on this, it is necessary for us to be familiar with and understanding, which can let everybody have a good learning effect, and know how to operate it, and on the use of the products, get the expected to good use effect. CK540 CK550 / CK560 nc vertical lathe has a vertical tool rest and ram head, its main purpose is for all kinds of black and non-ferrous metal, some parts are non-metallic materials processing. On the processing scope, it is for the inner cylinder, cylinder, end face, inner and outer conical surface processing. For it in the processing of the common questions we do answer: 1. Single column CNC vertical lathe need wheel? How to work? Single column vertical lathe contains components from a professional point of view is not the handwheel this parts, so, the question is not set up, and no concrete answers. And this kind of vertical lathe, it is usually for electric knife, not the handwheel but fine-tuning rocker, in order to adjust work. 2. Single column vertical lathe to add oil, how to judge? Single column vertical lathe, if it need to add oil, mainly through the oil window to look at, and then to judge. So the oil window for the equipment is very important, is one of the essential parts. And it is a knife and sword of judgment, is the same with ordinary vertical lathe, is knife block is put first, if the header on the left is for knife, on the right is for the sword of the cutting tools. Nc machine tool industry in China's overall technological development ability and the technical foundation is weak, information technology application level is not high. Industry still relies mainly on the introduction of foreign technology at the present stage, the lack of its own core technology, high dependent on foreign technology, the introduction of technology digestion is still in control of existing technology and improve the localization rate didn't rise to the formation of product independent development ability and the height of the technology innovation ability. Has high precision, high speed, high efficiency, composite function and multi-axis linkage characteristics such as high performance and practical CNC machine basically have to rely on imports. In the face of market transition, the technology level of domestic CNC machine remains to be improved.
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