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Share a CNC vertical lathe, secondary maintenance content

by:SNK     2020-09-01
Share a CNC vertical lathe, secondary maintenance content delivery time: 2020 - 05 - 09 clicks: 160 times developed in recent years, there are two main types of CNC vertical lathe, one kind is inverted vertical lathe ( Chuck type machine tool) , mainly used in automobile manufacturing and other industrial automation production of large, medium batch; For another strong overload processing of large vertical turret lathe, it has high power spindle and configuration can bear the weight of thousands of kilograms of the workbench. In general are mainly used for processing equipment such as aircraft engines, oil and gas exploration, military road vehicles in various parts, pumps, compressors and other products. Treat nc vertical lathe maintenance must not sloppy, should according to the regulation of maintenance procedures: a, appearance level maintenance: 1. Cleaning machine appearance and dead Angle, unpick and wash the cover requirements inside and outside clean, no rust, no yellow robe, lacquer see grey iron light; 2. Clean and screw, light bars, rack, requires no pollution; 3. Check the filling screw, handball, handles. Level 2 maintenance: 1. Same as above; 2. Check the track surface, light burr, grind parts for the necessary repair. Second, the tool post, beams and columns, guideway workbench level maintenance: 1. Clean the guide rails, oil, linoleum, oil flow, linoleum, inject new oil; 2. Check the plug gap of iron. Level 2 maintenance: 1. Same as above; 2. Rest whole removed, cleaning guide rail, clear oil, light burr, inspect and replace the wearing parts, the necessary to grind parts necessary to repair; 3. The workbench unpick and wash, inspect and replace the necessary wear parts. Three, transmission case level maintenance: check the oil keep good, complete oil cup, oil conforms to the requirements, the oil window bright. Level 2 maintenance: 1. Same as above; 2. Check the gear transmission mechanism and replace the necessary wear parts; 3. Check the adjustment speed interlocking, positioning, accurate and reliable. Four, lubrication, hydraulic level maintenance: 1. Lubricating oil flowing parts requirement, oil line, linoleum, clean tubing is a prison, no leakage; 2. Check the oil pressure gauge and unloading mechanism. Level 2 maintenance: 1. Same as above. 2. Check the oil pump and pipeline, neat tubing, oil flow, adjust the valve to make the oil pressure is normal. Five, electrical level maintenance: inside and outside the dust cleaning machine and electrical box. Level 2 maintenance: 1. Same as above; 2. Repair electrical appliances, according to the need to unpick and wash motor replacement grease; 3. Electromagnetic valve. Six, precision level 2 maintenance: check and adjust the main geometric accuracy can reach the factory standard, or meet the requirements of production process.
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