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Several of devices for the small CNC machine tools

by:SNK     2020-08-31
Several of devices for the small CNC machine role release date: 2019 - 04 - 09 author: small make up to click: small CNC lathe generally by the input and output equipment, CNC devices ( Or CNC unit) , servo unit, drive unit ( Or actuator) Ontology and electrical control devices, auxiliary equipment, lathe, measuring feedback device, etc. Small CNC lathe mainly has three parts of lathe main body, the numerical control device and servo mechanism. 1, programming, CNC program and program carrier by the CNC lathe processing work orders automatically, contain the necessary mechanical movement, in the process of cutting the outline dimension, process parameters, such as the processing information, the programming work can be artificial, can also be outside the small CNC lathe with computer automatic programming system to complete, for relatively simple geometry parts, procedures section is not much, can use manual programming; For more complex, especially the space curved surface parts by manual programming tedious and time-consuming, and error-prone, need to adopt the method of automatic programming. 2, input device is the role of input device application of nc code on the carrier information is converted into corresponding electrical signal and transmitted to the numerical control device memory, according to different program control medium, the input device can be a photoelectric reader, VCR, or floppy disk drive. Early use of photoelectric reader to read of punched tape, after extensive use of tape recorders and floppy drive, some small CNC lathe without any program storage carrier, but the content of the program listing through numerical control device on the keyboard, input in manual way, also can use communication mode will be passed directly by programming the computer numerical control program to the numerical control device. 3, numerical control equipment of numerical control device is custom CNC lathe manufacturer small core of numerical control lathe. Form of modern numerical control device adopts CNC, the CNC device using multiple microprocessors commonly, in the form of a programmed software CNC functions, therefore is also called the numerical control software. CNC system is a kind of position control system, it is the ideal trajectory based on the input data interpolation, and output to perform part of the spare part I needed to work out. Therefore, the numerical control device is mainly composed of input, process and output of three basic parts. And all the work by the computer system program to carry on the reasonable organization, coordination of the whole system to work. 4, it is main drive system lathe machining passes the torque of one of the main components. Generally can be divided into gear with variable speed and electric stepless speed regulation of two types, smaller than the high-grade CNC lathe are required to realize stepless speed regulation to meet the requirements of all kinds of processing technology, it is mainly composed of spindle, spindle and the spindle motor drive control system of mechanical transmission mechanism, etc.
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