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Several common artifacts CNC lathe of unstable situation of coping styles

by:SNK     2020-08-23
Several common artifacts numerical control lathe to respond to an unstable release date: 2018 - 09 - 11 clicks: 2737 times of CNC lathe will inevitably be in the running process workpiece unstable situation, with many years' accumulation of experience in design, research and development production of nc lathe can be a very good solution to these problems, the following for several common unstable situation of numerical control lathe workpiece do explanation way: to cope with the phenomenon of a taper size head occur, workpiece placed 1, machine tool level didn't adjust good, held high, in place not smooth: adjusting the levelness of the machine tool use, laying a solid foundation, improve the stability of the machine tool. 2, turning the long axis, offer information is hard, cutter knife is deep, the formation of knife phenomenon: choose reasonable technology and appropriate feeding to prevent cutting tool force knife by 3, the tailstock thimble and spindle different heart: adjustment of the tailstock. Phenomenon, drive phase modulation is normal, and processing of the workpiece when large scale usu. in two lines: this kind of phenomenon is usually caused by a spindle, the spindle of high-speed rolling bearing wear serious, lead to machining dimension changes. 1, machine tool apron long time high-speed operation, result in wire rod and bearing wear: use dial indicator on the bottom of the tool rest, after correcting a fixed cycle system together, check the repositioning precision of the apron, gap adjustment screw, replace the bearings. 2, the repositioning precision of the tool post error occurred during long time use: use dial indicator view the repositioning precision of the tool rest, adjust the mechanical or replace tool rest 3, drag plate processing accurately every time back to the starting point, but the machining dimension still change. Dial indicator is used to inspect whether the precise starting point back to the program after machining, if can, repair spindle, replace the bearings. Three, scale of workpiece and the actual scale phenomenon differs a few millimeters, or has a lot to change 1, an axial fast positioning speed too fast, not to be able to drive and motor response: rapid positioning speed is too fast, the appropriate adjustment speed of GO, cutting and subtract the drive and motor speed and time under the operating frequency of additional normal operation. 2, after long time conflict loss mechanical drag board screw and bearing too tightly jammed: in the present machine tool wear occurs after dragging plate, screw the crane bearing too tightly jammed, readjust the correction is necessary. 3, rest after the tool change is too loose, not tight suo: rest after the tool change is too loose, check the tool post reversal moment are satisfied, check to see if the inside of the tool post turbine worm wear, gap is too big, whether it too loose, etc. 4, revised program fault, head, tail no care or not cancel the knife is over: if the program causes of formation, the necessary correction procedures, in accordance with the requirements for the workpiece to improve, choose the reasonable processing technology, according to the instruction manual to code correct procedure. Step 5, system of electronic gear ratio or from the Angle of fault Settings: if discover the scale error is too big, see if system parameter setting is reasonable, especially the electronic gear and step away from the Angle of parameters, such as whether the damaged, rendering this phenomenon can be on the dial indicator to measure. Four, the processing effect of circular arc phenomenon ambition, scale does not reach the designated position 1, overlapping lead to resonance vibration frequency: find the resonance occur parts, change its frequency, to prevent the resonance. 2, the processing technology; Parameter is set unreasonable, feed speed is too large, the circular arc processing step; Consider the machining process of workpiece materials, reasonable programming 3, screw gap caused by loose or loss caused by the screw tight: machine tools, whether the device is placed is smooth, after dragging plate for wear tight, loose gap enlargement or rest, etc. 4, synchronous belt abrasion: replace synchronous belt. Phenomenon of five, the workpiece is a procedure, change other each working procedure dimension precise reason analysis: the parameters of the program segment is reasonable, whether within the orbit of the booking, programming pattern is in accordance with the specification requirements. Response: threaded program segment rendering teeth, the pitch is wrong, the processing immediately associated with the thread of the peripheral equipment ( The encoder) And the function of the objective factors.
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