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Reveal the numerical control lathe inspection and commissioning prior to power points

by:SNK     2020-09-01
Reveal the numerical control lathe electricity examination and debugging points before release time: 2020 - 01 - 16 clicks: 250 times of CNC lathe electricity to do inspection before should not be neglected, we checked prior to power and power cable protection wire connection: 1. Electric cabinet side power supply has a short circuit, grounding? 2. Electric tank outlet connections ever missed, the wrong answer, touch each other line? Contact type terminal middle screw fastening each other? 3. Using a multimeter to check three-phase motor winding resistance balance, correct, touch the ground? Solenoid valve coil resistance is correct, touch the ground? Light resistance is correct, touch the ground? PLC input end connected resistance, disconnect the resistance value is correct, touch the ground? Other control loop outlet terminals touch the ground? Exception to rule out. 4. According to the suitable phase sequence is plugged into a power supply and protection of ground wire feeder line. The power cord connection: lathe electric tank (first The first earth) After the distribution switchgear ( The first earth) 。 5. Connect the power cord must be insulation in good condition, and meet the carrying capacity and voltage ( 用) Requirements. To avoid accidental loose and damaged, the power cord should be fixed on both ends; The middle section to prevent external forces destroyed, protective measures should be taken. 6. Should feed through the power distribution ark of air switch connection. Air switch specification, flow ability should accord with the requirement of numerical control lathe electrical schematic diagram. Numerical control lathe electricity inspection, debugging content: 1. Should be ready before electricity safety measures to ensure safety for the first time. 2. Lathe first before closing, with phase sequence table first proofread feed-in phase sequence, make & other L1,L2,L3” For the phase sequence feed. 3. Motor circuit breaker broken cases to electricity, according to the control circuit before executing circuit ( Power circuit) Principle, according to the principle of figure examine various power supply voltage; The control voltage through; Emergency stop control lathe validated. PLC input signal on-off state according to address one by one to confirm, confirm the travel switch function, range, shield safety door interlock control for confirmation. Input the system parameters, application, etc. 4. According to & other; Machine, electricity, liquid & throughout; Debugging the order one by one, the motor circuit breaker closing, debugging related movement, the scope setting device. Adjust the display value about the instrument, approve the accuracy of meter reading. 5. According to the principle diagram and/or ladder diagram by debugging each action, especially related to the interlock control. 6. According to the alarm information table one by one to check the correctness of the information. 7. According to the instruction manual, check the on/off; Start/stop/braking action is correct? Accurate position control in place? Numerical control lathe for various detection and compensation. Record the related data, form filing.
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