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Purpose and significance of nc machine tool reliability management

by:SNK     2020-09-02
Nc machine tool reliability management purpose and significance of the release date: 2020 - 05 - Author: small make up click: nc machine tool reliability work includes two aspects of reliability engineering and reliability management. Reliability management is on the basis of cost and time allows. For producing the high reliability of the products meet user requirements, in the design, development, manufacture, use and maintenance in the whole process, all taken by the organization, plan, coordinate, control and supervision, etc. Reliability, reliability management in all activities in a leading and core position. Think highly of reliability management work abroad. Our country is according to the national condition to take measures to strengthen the reliability management. Through macro and micro management to guarantee. Reliability of macro management refers to the national, provincial, municipal relevant administrative departments for the work of reliability management, including the policies and regulations, rules and regulations, planning, reliability, and quality certification, inspection supervision, establish management system, the establishment of national and industry network reliability, technical communication, education and training, etc. Reliability micro management refers to the enterprise management of the work reliability, including reliability development plan, policy goals, rules and regulations, corporate standards, organization, reliability design and evaluation, process quality control, reliability test plan, after-sales service, the reliability data collection, analysis and management of information and technology exchanges, personnel training, etc. In short micromanagement is for specific products, implementation of the management work in the whole life period. From the point of improving product reliability, the design is the foundation, the manufacture is the guarantee, the test is to evaluate and use is reflected, management is the key. Visible reliability management is important, in particular is the purpose and significance of the reliability management points: to make into reliability work personnel, power, money and time maximum play to the role, produce economic benefits, must carry out the reliability management. Mismanagement is the product of unreliable an important reason. According to a product failure analysis results show that about 40 - 60% of the failures are caused by poor management, once in order to strengthen the management of reliability, the product reliability can be improved obviously. The reliability of the products involved in design, manufacturing, purchasing and user departments, involving different technology, so as to further improve product quality and reliability, and enhance market competitiveness, must pay special attention to the reliability management. The realization of the reliability management can not only ensure reliability technology, is also a major economic and technical decisions of enterprise, only in the implementation of reliability technology, reliability management, to ensure the reliability of the product.
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