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power fails, industry bleeds in coimbatore | coimbatore news - times of india

by:SNK     2019-10-03
COIMBATORE: since the state government announced a three-hour power outage, the textile and other industrial centers of Coimbatore have been shrouded in darkness, which has weakened the activity of the cotton market.
Due to the government\'s special consideration for Chennai, the industrial units here are further disturbed, and Chennai has only one hour of power outage.
\"This is indeed the attitude of the mother.
We are not behind any other town in contributing to national growth.
We pay taxes.
R Nagarjan, vice chairman of the SIDCO industrial real estate manufacturers Welfare Association, believes that the industrial units here are making a significant contribution to the country.
In addition, Coimbatore not only faces three hours of announced power outages, but also faces several unannounced power outages every day.
Undeclared cuts are common even at night.
In some areas, unannounced power outages began at five o\'clock A. M. in the morning and continued until noon, leaving the morning schedule behind.
According to Coimbatore\'s small-scale industrial units, they suffer monthly losses worth \"200 crore\" due to power outages.
\"We have suffered a lot over the past three years due to power outages.
Although we asked for a change in the fixed cut schedule during working hours, nothing was done.
It has affected most of the micro and small industries here, \"said Nagarajan.
Increasing power outages will only reduce production and cause losses to industrial units.
\"It is also difficult to meet the delivery schedule and increase the loss,\" Nagarajan said . \".
S. P. Rangarajan, president of the small-scale industrial Entrepreneurs Association, said that unplanned power outages caused huge losses to the company, especially for CNC machines, because tools and shafts were suddenly shut down
\"In order to exacerbate our predicament, we have to continue to pay employees hourly, although they may not be able to work during downtime.
\"The shortage of manpower has caused more problems,\" he added . \".
Many industries borrow money from employees and if this continues the owners will have to close and look for jobs elsewhere.
Rangarajan added that in order to pay off the debt, they sold the machine as scrap because it was difficult to sell the machine.
B . R Narayanasamy, advocacy secretary of the Association of herbal and tree growers in Coimbatore district, said that rural areas are short of water and there is a power outage of more than 6 hours per day.
Farmers suffer from water shortage and poor irrigation due to power outages.
K Kasthurirangaian, a member of the National Council, said the government has not taken any measures in the past decade to improve the state\'s electricity situation.
Most of the energy is produced by wind power plants, which provide the country with 50% of the energy it needs.
However, senior officials at the Tamil Nadu Power Council insist that power outages will not affect the industry.
\"Despite the severe shortage of electricity, we have been maintaining the regular supply of electricity to the industry.
\"Additional power outages in the area will allow the grid to supply 200 MW, which will allow us to avoid unplanned power outages,\" the official said . \".
However, he pointed out that if the current situation is widespread, there may be a half-hour unplanned outage in addition to the three-hour blackout announced.
The city needs at least 300 megawatts of electricity, but there is a shortage of 50 megawatts of electricity.
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