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Parsing the slant bed CNC lathe high economic benefits

by:SNK     2020-08-29
Parsing the slant bed CNC lathe high economic benefits release time: 2016 - 10 - 29 clicks: 2356 slant bed CNC lathe USES 45 degrees of inclined bed integral base structure, ensure the machine high rigidity and smooth chip removal performance. High precision hole type spindle structure, seismic design enhances the stability of the machine tool. Slant bed CNC lathe cutting all kinds of inner and outer cylinder, conical surface, circular arc surface, inch thread. Function optional power tool machine and 8 station turret head, can meet the different needs of processing. Optimizing the structure of the slant bed CNC lathe using resin sand casting, the axis with imported high-precision linear guide, ball screw, precision bearing so as to ensure the accuracy of machine tool and durability. Slant bed CNC lathe is suitable for the variety of products processing, more show its superiority of complex, high precision parts. The slant bed CNC lathe with high efficiency and practicability, the main performance and structure characteristic profile is as follows: one, the slant bed CNC lathe main transmission structure ( A) Main motor form standard adopts servo spindle motor. The spindle is an important feature of slant bed CNC lathe. Whether it is the highest speed spindle, the spindle start stop deceleration time, thread cutting function of spindle, the spindle constant linear velocity of the cutting function, etc. , have become the important index of users concern. To achieve these functions only ac servo spindle motor can be effectively resolved. Ac spindle servo unit with variable frequency speed regulating device, apparently from performance to a higher level. ( 2) Slant bed CNC lathe main drive mechanical structure of machine tool spindle form independently. Slant bed CNC lathe with high precision spindle bearing and imported grease lubrication, bearing installation form of precise calculation of optimization, the spindle is stable and reliable, maintenance free. Second, the slant bed CNC lathe structure advantages ( A) High machining precision. Slant bed CNC lathe carriage drive screw is high precision ball screw, screw and nut between the transmission gap is very small, but also not to say that there is no gap, but as long as there is a gap, when screw in one direction and then reverse transmission, hard to avoid can produce backlash, with reverse clearance will affect machining precision, and this kind of 45 degrees of lathe bed of machine tool with the effect of gravity, gravity act directly on the screw's axial, transmission when the reverse clearance is almost zero. ( 2) When the rigid good slant bed CNC lathes, cutting is not easy to cause vibration. Because the slant bed CNC lathe tool is at the top of workpiece inclined cutting, cutting force of gravity is consistent with the main shaft workpiece, so the spindle running relatively stable, not easy to cause cutting vibration, and ordinary numerical control lathe in cutting, cutting force of cutting tool and the workpiece is up, do not agree with the gravity of the spindle is generated, so it easy to cause vibration.
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