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On the CNC lathe processing worm skill sharing

by:SNK     2020-09-02
On the nc lathe machining worm technique share release time: 2017 - 09 - 21 clicks: 2578 worm general pitch is bigger, because its tooth shape characteristic, the blade and workpiece interface is big, processing way easily caused by scrap iron squeezed between workpiece and tool cutting tool damage. Is the operator can use elastic cutter bar tools, and with a small cutting depth of feed, but the above topics and cannot be solved fundamentally. On the nc lathe machining worm with the same difficulties. CNC lathe will not automatically stop, by cutter blade alert as a result, the subject is more difficult to solve. While artificial manipulation of horizontal engine lathe can be according to the cutting conditions in the hands of flexible manipulator, and even processing halfway halfway back knife, to avoid worse. One way is to use the numerical control lathe is given below the mechanical processing method, and the precise positioning performance, use & other LianDian into line throughout the &; Method for synthesis of trapezoidal two side, thus effectively solve this problem. Carbide forming cutter tool available. This way of cutting is a knife into three knife, so as to reduce the cutting resistance. This way is actually about the use of cutting method, the author changed it to & other Throughout, left, right &; Cutting, because if not cut a knife from the middle, iron filings will still be crowded knife, this is from the actual conclusion. With the numerical control lathe about cutting method is different, on the CNC lathe & other; Throughout, left, right &; Cutting requires accurate calculation. This calculation takes a little time, but it's for the progress of the processing efficiency and peace of mind at work. Cutting speed can be selected as the 70 ~ 90 m/min, cutting depth ap = 0. 1 to 0. 15mm( According to the machine performance, determine whether appropriate depends on the thickness of the iron filings and color) 。 Coordinate calculation method introduces below: cot = 20 & deg; = 1-0. 364, when the feed 0 X direction. 1 mm, Z to change one knife than 0. 0364 mm, the 0. 0364 mm is on the left and right, or eat a knife in the middle, and the first and then left and right, respectively, compared with a knife to reduce and increase the Z 0. 0364 mm, can first lists the values shown in the table below, and to facilitate programming. x 50 49。 49. 6 49. 4 49. 2 49 w 1。 46 1. 42. 1. 39 1. 35 to 1. 1. 28 on the numerical control turning around, is actually changes to a car thread as the starting point of the Z coordinate. This must keep firmly in mind. Thread instruction for G92, workpiece end surface to zero for Z, pitch of 8 mm. If press & other; Throughout, left, right &; Many times turning, cutting, easily clearance smoothly. Reached & other; LianDian into line throughout the &; The purpose of, the limitation of the numerical control into the specialty. If the cooling fluid flush iron is added when cutting, the effect will be better.
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