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Numerical control lathe workpiece clamping and the clamping force is studied

by:SNK     2020-08-31
CNC lathe workpiece clamping and the clamping force is the release date: 2017 - 09 - 30 clicks: 3740 times of CNC lathe clamp is an important part of the process of the clamping workpiece. Must pass a certain institution after the workpiece positioning clamping force, the workpiece clamping on the positioning components, to keep the accurate positioning, not as a result of cutting force, gravity, centrifugal force and inertia force of CNC lathe workpiece position change and the vibration of the role of to ensure the machining accuracy and safety operation. The clamping force of organization called the clamping device. One, the clamping device should have the basic requirement of 1. Reliable clamping process, don't change after the workpiece positioning correct position occupied. 2. Clamping force of the appropriate size, should not only guarantee the stability of its position in the process of machining workpiece constant, small vibration, and won't produce too much to make the workpiece clamping deformation. 3. Operation simple and convenient, safety, energy saving. 4. Good structural, clamping device of strive to simple, compact structure, easy manufacture and maintenance. Second clamping force, clamping force, the size of the estimate of the size of the workpiece installation reliability and deformation of workpiece and fixture numerical control lathe, the complexity of the clamping mechanism, etc. Machining process, workpiece by cutting force, centrifugal force and inertia force and workpiece the role of its own gravity, etc. In general CNC lathe processing, small and medium-sized workpiece cutting force ( Moment) Decisive role. Heavy, large workpieces, the workpiece must be considered the effect of gravity. When the workpiece under the condition of high speed machining, can't ignore the influence of the centrifugal force and inertial force of clamping. In addition, the cutting force itself is a dynamic load, in the process of processing is also changing. The size of the clamping force and process system stiffness, clamping mechanism of transmission efficiency and other factors. As a result, the size of the clamping force calculation is a very complicated problem, normally only as a rough estimate. For simplicity, in the low speed processing to determine the clamping force, cutting force can only consider ( Moment) Influence on clamping, and assumes that the numerical control lathe process system is rigid, the cutting process is stable, according to the process of the instantaneous state of clamping the worst, according to the principle of static equilibrium and the size of the clamping force, and then multiplied by the factor of safety as the actual required clamping force, i. e. , the Fj = Fj&mdash kF type; Actual required clamping force; F— Set conditions, according to the static equilibrium calculation of clamping force; k— Safety coefficient, considering factors such as the change of cutting force and deformation of process system. CNC lathe is not all cases in the practical need to calculate the clamping force, manual clamping mechanism generally based on experience or analogy method determine the clamping force. If really need to compare accurate calculation of clamping force, can use the above method to calculate the size of the clamping force.
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