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Numerical control lathe way of driving reverse clearance measurement science

by:SNK     2020-08-22
Numerical control lathe driving reverse clearance measurement way science publishing time: 2019 - 09 - 16 clicks: 411 times of CNC lathe transmission mode of reverse clearance measurement science numerical control lathe processing required for various kinds of sports, is by the drive unit ( Motor) After a series of transmission mechanism, the movement and drive to working parts ( Such as the workpiece axis, grinding wheel, the workbench and swing frame, etc. ) , so that the loading on the working parts of the grinding wheel ( Or die) And artifacts produced to determine relative motion, the drive mechanism plays a driving gear movement and working parts of the role of the link. Numerical control lathe according to the characteristics of the transmission mechanism can be the driving mode can be divided into: 1. Mechanical transmission mechanical motion is applied mechanical components ( Such as belt, gear, worm, worm gear, screw nut, etc. ) , the movement and power passed to the main movement of the machine tool, feed movement and auxiliary movement; 2. Hydraulic transmission hydraulic transmission is the application of liquid pressure to transfer power and movement principle of work, it mainly use transfer straight line reciprocating feed movement and control system; 3. Air pressure drive pneumatic drive is used the pressure of the gas can transfer movement and power of the working principle of work, it is mainly used to transfer the supplementary motor and control system. To reduce the influence of the reverse clearance of nc lathe precision, adjustment and pre-tightening methods can be taken to reduce the gap, but the mechanical transmission clearance cannot be completely eliminated. In order to eliminate the error, the modern CNC system provides soft transmission backlash compensation mode, in order to minimize the transmission backlash influence on precision parts processing, namely by measuring the reverse clearance value transmission, this value is stored in the numerical control system in the corresponding parameter, then whenever inverse kinematics numerical control lathe, numerical control system can control servo motor more walk a short distance, the distance is equal to the input to the system of reverse transmission clearance value, thus the approximate compensated the transmission backlash error. 1. Manual measurement to measure numerical control lathe to reverse the Z transmission clearance, for example: (1) manually operating machine tools to the Z axis is move a distance. (2) with leverage dial indicator table frame installed on the machine tool guideway, header to slip plate profile, reset the clock disk ( Use this as a benchmark) 。 (3) the use of point to the way to move into or the handwheel, operating machine tools to the Z axis in the same direction a distance ( And just moving in the same direction) 。 (4) and then move the same distance in the direction of Z axis negative. 5. Observe the stop position and the difference between the reference position, in two cases: one is the pointer does not change, is positive and reverse clearance use way points to the way to move into or the handwheel operation of machine tool to the Z axis direction, record the change of the indicating value of the mobile distance until the dial indicator, as the reverse clearance for lathe moving distance and said the difference between the values. Second, the dial indicator pointer changes, then the reverse clearance negative, reverse clearance for the said value. 6 X to drive reverse clearance value measurement and Z to drive reverse clearance value measurement is the same. All landowners to avoid the accident of a single measurement error, in near the halfway point of the journey and many times three position respectively at the ends of the measurement ( General is 7 times) The locations, on average, based on the maximum for the average reverse clearance measurement. Note must move first when measuring a distance, otherwise can't get the correct negative deviation value. 2. Programming measure programming method is used to measure, then can make measurement process more convenient and accurate. Note: 1. Must move first when measuring a distance, otherwise can't get the correct negative deviation value. 2. Linear motion axis reverse clearance, measurement tools usually use dial indicator or dial indicator, if the conditions permit, the dual-frequency laser interferometer can be used for measurement. When using dial indicator or dial indicator to measure, it is important to note table and table rod don't stretch out too much, too long, because if the cantilever is longer, measurement table easy mechanical movement, causes count, compensation value is not accurate. 3. In the numerical control lathe workbench under different running speed measurement results will be different. In general, when measured value lower than the big, especially in machine tool axis load and motion resistance is larger. Workbench during low speed movement speed is low, not easily happened at distance, Relative & other; The reverse clearance & throughout; ) , so the measured value is bigger; At high speeds, due to the workbench speed is high, prone to overshoot distance, small measured value. So we should as far as possible when measuring low speed.
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