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Numerical control lathe to rectify method of programming skills

by:SNK     2020-09-02
Numerical control lathe to rectify method of programming skills reference release date: 2017 - 09 - 14 clicks: 2785 nc lathe system adaptable to change the spare parts, replacement parts only need to change the corresponding program, adjusted to simple tool can make the qualified parts. But, to give full play to the role of the numerical control lathe, should not only have good hardware, more important is software programming, namely according to the characteristics of the different parts, formulation of reasonable and efficient process. In low voltage electrical appliances, there are a large number of short pin shaft parts, its length to diameter ratio is about 2 ~ 3, diameter 3 mm below in more. Due to the parts geometry size is small, the ordinary instrument CNC lathe clamping, cannot assure quality. If, in accordance with the conventional method of programming, in every cycle of processing a part only, due to the short axial dimensions, numerical control lathe spindle caused by local frequent reciprocating sliding block in bedway, spring clamp clamping mechanism moves frequently. After working for a long time, can cause partial excessive wear machine tool guideway, affect the machining accuracy of machine tool, serious and even cause the abandonment of CNC lathe. And the frequent operation of spring collet clamping mechanism, will cause the damage of the control electronics. To solve the above problems, we must increase the spindle into the length and the collet chuck interval of the clamping mechanism of action, not reduce productivity at the same time. Can this idea in a machining cycle of several parts, the main shaft length to the length of sheet parts several times, and even can reach spindle maximum running distance, and the action time of the spring clamp clamping mechanism of interval for several times for a further corresponding period. And, more importantly, the original single parts of auxiliary time on several parts, each part of auxiliary time greatly shortened, so as to improve the production efficiency. And associated with the computer program in the design of the concept of the main program and subroutines, if will cover parts geometry size of command in the field on a subroutine, and about the command field of machine tool control and cut off parts of the command field in the main program and each parts processing, by the main program by calling the subroutine call a second, after the completion of the processing, jump back to the main program. Need to processing is called a few second the several parts, is very beneficial to increase or decrease the number of each loop processing parts. CNC lathe processing program compiled in this way is simple, easy to modify and maintain. It is important to note that as a result of the subroutine parameters remain the same in each call, and the coordinates of the spindle moment in change, is compatible with the main program, relative programming statements must be used in the subroutine.
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