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Numerical control lathe to knife principle explanation

by:SNK     2020-08-26
Of cutter principle of numerical control lathe, rounding release date: 2015 - 12 - 14 clicks: 2588 times of cutter is the main operation and important skills in the nc machining. Under certain conditions, the knife precision machining accuracy can be decided, at the same time, also directly affect the efficiency of nc machining for the efficiency of the knife. It is not enough to know the knife method, but also know various of knife set mode of CNC system, as well as call methods of these methods in the processing procedures, want to know the advantages and disadvantages of various mode of blade at the same time, the conditions of use, etc. In general, numerical control lathe machining parts of programming and machining is carried out separately. CNC programmers according to design drawings of the parts, select a convenient programming work coordinate system and the workpiece coordinate system and general process datum or design datum coincidence of the parts, parts processing program compiled under the workpiece coordinate system. Numerical control lathe knife, should make site with the knife point refers to the knife, knife site refers to the tool positioning datum, for turning tool, their site is knife blade. On determination of the point of the knife, knife is the purpose of the machine tool coordinate system of the absolute coordinates, cutter location deviation of measurement tools. To find the cutting point is accuracy directly affect the machining accuracy. In the actual machining, use a knife generally can not meet the requirement of the workpiece processing, usually have to use more tool for processing. When using the tool more processing, under the condition of invariable in the tool change position, after tool change point point geometry position there will be differences, this requires different tools in different starting position began to processing, can guarantee the normal operation of the procedure. In order to solve this problem, the machine tool numerical control system is equipped with cutting tool geometric position compensation function, the use of cutting tool geometry position compensation function, as long as each knife in advance relative to a selected benchmark cutter location deviation measured in advance, the input to the numerical control system of cutting tool parameters corrected column specified in the group number, using T instruction in the process, can automatically compensate tool position deviation in the tool path. Tool position deviation of the measurement is also needed by knife. Manufacturers in producing CNC lathe, it is necessary to establish the unity of the position measurement, control, display datum, the datum is the machine tool coordinate system origin, is the machine mechanical position after back to zero. CNC lathe configuration by the servo motor has two absolute encoder and relative encoder, absolute encoder boot don't have to return to zero, the system memory machine tool position, when the power is cut off machine zero point are set in the parameter. Relative to the encoder boot must return to zero, machine zero point determined by machine tool position sensor. Programmers in the workpiece coordinate system of the coordinate data compiled by the tool path program, must be processed in the machine tool coordinate system, because the origin of the machine tool and the workpiece origin exist to offset distance X and Z to the offset distance, make the actual point location and the location of the program instructions have the same distance, therefore, must be the distance measured and set into the numerical control system, the system on the basis of adjusting tool trajectory, to work out in line with the drawings of workpieces. To knife, this process is the essence of which is measured against the knife's offset distance between the origin and the origin of the machine tool, workpiece setup workpiece origin in the coordinates of the point as reference machine tool coordinate system.
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