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Numerical control lathe the two types of fixed loop function instruction

by:SNK     2020-09-03
Fixed circular function instruction of two types of numerical control lathe release date: 2017 - 09 - 25 clicks: 2732 times on CNC lathe external columns, cylindrical, end face, thread and other surface of rough machining, the tool often have to repeatedly perform the same action for many times, until the workpiece cutting to required size. So in a program may appear many of the same program segment, the basic cause long program. In order to simplify the programming artifacts, numerical control system can be set with a program section cutter for cutting repeatedly, this is the circular function. Numerical control lathe fixed cycle features include a single fixed cycle function and compound fixed cycle. 1, a single fixed cycle instruction has the following several kinds of commonly used instructions: ( 1) Outer diameter, inner diameter cutting cycle instruction G90 can complete outer diameter, inner diameter and fixed cycle of cone rough machining. (1) cutting instruction format for cylinder: G90 X ( U) __Z( W) __ ( F__) 1, compound fixed cycle instructions it application in the removal of a machining can be to the specified size, mainly in the coarse car and using multiple thread cutting, it basically has the following kinds: ( 1) Outer diameter, inner diameter thick cycle instruction G71 this instruction will be the size of the workpiece before cutting to finish, before finishing workpiece shapes and rough machining tool path are set in the system according to finishing size automatically. Instruction format: G71 Pns Qnf UΔ u WΔ w DΔ d( F__S _T__) ( 2) Face rough turning cycle instruction G72 it is suitable for rough turning cylindrical bar blank face direction, its function and G71 basic same, the difference is G72 complete transverse direction only rough turning, cutting tool path in the radial direction of circulation, the instruction meanings and G71 format and its address is the same. ( 3) Closed cutting cycle command G73 which is suitable for the blank contour shape and basic approaches of coarse parts contour shape. For example, some rough turning, forgings, castings using rough machining of G73 command at this time will greatly save time, improve the cutting efficiency. Its function and G71, G72 basic same, the difference is tool path loop according to finishing workpiece contour. Instruction format: G73 Pns Qnf IΔ 我KΔ k UΔ u WΔ w DΔ d( F__S__T__) ( 4) Finishing G70 cycle instructions for performing G71, G72, G73 rough machining finish machining cycle after cycle instruction. Instruction format: G70 Pns Qnf instructions before the ns, nf, and a few of the same meaning. In the condition of G70, ns to nf procedures specified in F, S, T; When the ns to nf is not specified in the program, F, S, T, F) specified in the coarse car circulation, S, T is effective.
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