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Numerical control lathe the timing characteristics for debugging you master?

by:SNK     2020-08-26
Numerical control lathe the timing characteristics for debugging you master? Release date: 2019 08 - 05 clicks: 451 times the timing characteristics for CNC lathe debugging have you mastered? CNC lathe is the most utilized, a wide coverage of a machine tool, it is a set of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronics and information technology for the integration of mechanical and electrical integration products. Machinery manufacturing equipment has high accuracy, high efficiency, high automation and high flexibility advantages of machine tools. , on the basis of numerical control lathe in leveling in the free state, and then anchor bolt locking evenly. For ordinary machine tool, the level reading less than 0. 04/1000 mm, for high precision machine tools, level is less than 0. 02/1000mm。 When measuring installation accuracy, should be performed at constant temperature, measurement tools need to be used again after a period of time and temperature. Machine tool machine force when installation should be trying to avoid deformation of the installation method. Machine installation should not be removed in some parts of the machine tool casually, parts of remove the redistribution of internal stress may result in machine tool, which may effect the precision of machine tools. Numerical control lathe to do well before test run: machine tool geometric accuracy after the inspection, need to clean up the machine. With immersion cleaning of cotton or silk, can not use cotton or gauze. Washing machine factory to protect the guideway and the machined surface and tu rust-proof oil or antirust paint. Clean the dust on the surface of the machine tool appearance. In each of the sliding surface and working surface are coated with machine rules make the lubricating oil. Carefully check the machine parts with oil as required, whether to add sufficient coolant in the cooling box. Machine tool hydraulic station, automatic oil lubrication device between whether the oil level instructions specified parts. Check the switch in the electric control box and components is normal, the instrumentation integrated circuit board is in place. Electricity to start the centralized lubricating shafts, make the lubrication parts full of lubricating oil and lubricating oil road. Make everything ready before the machine tool parts movement. CNC lathe is a equipped with program control system of automatic machine tools. The control system is able to handle the with logic control code or other symbols in accordance with procedures prescribed by the instruction, and the decoding, to make the machine movement and machining parts. Used on numerical control lathe table in the school, need a little more attention, because the school table placed way has changed. On machining center, the table is installed vertically in the school, whether in magnetic suction on the spindle of shielding, or in the cutting head, the direction of gravity did not change, so the results of the measurement will not be affected. But if on the CNC lathe, magnetic block installed on the main shaft, when the spindle rotation, changes in plants could also change the direction of gravity, resulting in slight deformation of timing clamping bar, the further away from the magnetic bridge school table, the phenomenon of deformation, the more obvious. Changed the direction of gravity, center of gravity will also change, when the center of gravity is not stable, the results of the measurement can't truthfully the reaction of the status quo. On machining center, the school table on the spindle rotational speed will also affect the measurement result, because of the centrifugal force will cause the deviation of measurement. In order to eliminate the bad influence, it is recommended to use coaxial correction table.
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