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Numerical control lathe spindle motor overheating and not turn fault instance analysis

by:SNK     2020-08-30
Numerical control lathe spindle motor overheating and not turn fault instance analysis release time: 2017 - 08 - 28 clicks: 6021 a, numerical control lathe spindle motor overheating failure 1, failure phenomenon occurs when a CNC lathe in machining operation & other; Chew knife & throughout; Phenomenon and cause tool damage. Using hand JVC jog mode will lathe X, Z axis to the origin, restart the process, to carry on the test, when the workbench feed to the machining position fast spindle does not turn, so far confirmed as faulty ac variable frequency spindle motor speed control system. Analysis of the rotational speed of spindle motor is controlled by the inverter ( For machine tool manufacturers do not provide ac frequency converter internal drawings) & other is adopted; Mathematics method of fuzzy maintenance & throughout; , depending on the ac frequency converter for internal & lsquo; Black & throughout; Just check the external state can determine the functional interface. First look at ac inverter control system of LED alarm display content. To distinguish is overheating, Refers to the motor overheating itself) Or overload ( Refers to the motor with the heavy load, rotational sink) Protection, then touch the motor shell with experience has been very hot, with a big fan of forced cooling after a period of time, the motor heat down. To test, spindle motor rotation is normal; This judgment for typical motor overheating fault in this case. Remove the spindle motor, after careful inspection found to be independent cooling fan motor bearing damage, bad heat dissipation, spindle motor overheating caused alarm, lead to the numerical control lathe spindle suddenly stop running when the process is running, happen & other; Chew knife & throughout; The fault. After replacement of independent cooling fan motor, CNC lathe processing operating normally, troubleshooting. Second, the numerical control lathe spindle motor does not turn a CNC lathe failure 1, failure phenomena, the early production a boot, a spindle motor does not turn, spindle inverter system also LED display alarm, but spindle motor shell is not hot, other functions of the normal numerical control system. Using hand and JVC jog mode in situ, dispatch table to restart the lathe failure reappearance, so that to confirm the authenticity of the fault, the result confirmed that fault. With the hand to touch the spindle motor shell temperature is not high, according to the spindle motor temperature rise, thus excluding was failure caused by mechanical load. Detection frequency converter is associated with numerical control system of built-in PLC control interface is shown in figure 2; First measured + 24, ALM has in place a set of control signal is no problem, without doubt built-in spindle motor overload control signal to frequency converter interface, when detected has removed OHS1 OHS2 line no problem, a set of control and detection of overheating devices that side OHS1 OHS2 signal, close point of the device are not closed, prove the built-in overheat device had been damaged. Due to no spare parts, carefully remove the overheating device, grinding contact carefully, trial production and processing is normal, troubleshooting.
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