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Numerical control lathe several kinds of line fault diagnosis method

by:SNK     2020-08-31
Numerical control lathe several kinds of line fault diagnosis method to release date: 2016 - 09 - 06 clicks: 2111 times of CNC lathe is a machine, electric, instrument integration of the high technical content of efficient complex automation of machine tools, machine tool in the process of operation, parts will inevitably occur to varying degrees, different types of failure, therefore, be familiar with mechanical fault characteristics, master the commonly used method of nc machine tools machinery fault diagnosis and means, to determine the cause of the fault and eliminate have a major role. A, CNC lathe, fault diagnosis principle and the basic requirements, the so-called nc machine tools system failure ( Or failure) Index lost control machine tool system is the function. Fault according to form, nature and the cause are divided into a variety of types. But no matter what kind of fault type, the diagnosis, can follow a few principles and numerical control lathe cowcatcher principle mainly includes the following aspects: (1) after the mechanical electrical first, after the first static dynamic principle. Before the troubleshooting, eliminate mechanical problems should be paid attention to. Again under the running condition, dynamic observation, inspection and testing, to find fault. For the destructive failure will happen after the power supply, you must first, after eliminating the risk before electricity. (2) full investigation failure phenomenon, survey of the operator, ask for details of the whole process of failure, what phenomenon, take any measures, etc. And then to do detailed survey on the spot. (3) the cause of the malfunction, the train of thought to open, integrated electrical, or mechanical, hydraulic, as long as possible the cause of the failure, should be listed as fully as possible. Determined and optimized choice, then make a comprehensive judgment is likely to cause of failure. Second, fault processing method: CNC lathe numerical control system is the core of the nc machine tools, its reliable operation, is directly related to the equipment operation is normal or not. The following summary extracted some judgments and rule out the method of nc machine tool failure. 1. Direct observation method; Using state shows how to solve the fault diagnosis function. 2. Failure to solve the problems timely check the numerical control system parameters. 3. Make full use of the numerical control system hardware, software, alarm functions; Simple nc machine tool fault alarm processing methods. Three, the thinking of troubleshooting: different nc system design thought there's a huge range, but regardless of the system, the basic principle and composition are very similar. So in machine tool failure, require maintenance personnel must have a clear fault handling: fault site investigation, confirm the nature of the failure phenomenon, failure, should fully grasp the failure information, do & other; And more brain, hands-on & throughout; Avoid failure of expansion.
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