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Numerical control lathe set limit to distinguish oh!

by:SNK     2020-09-03
Numerical control lathe set limit to distinguish oh! Release date: 2019 01 - 23 clicks: 2915 CNC lathe set limit to distinguish oh! In order to guarantee the safety operation of the CNC lathe, spacing on both ends of each straight axis. The limit of the CNC lathe can be divided into soft limit, hard limit and mechanical hard limit. A, hard limit in servo axis of positive and negative limit position, with a limit switch or proximity switch, this is called the hard limit. The hard limit is the last line of the servo axis movement distance protection, the high limit after the very short distance to reach mechanical hard limit. Due to the servo system power is very big, once crashed into the mechanical hard limit, it may cause damage to parts, it is not allowed. Therefore, hard limit switch action as a result of the emergency stop. When the feed shaft moving beyond machine after stroke, limit will play a role of machine and machine tool appear alarm, caused by manual operation or the handwheel corresponding coordinate cannot continue to exercise; All axes will stop when the automatic machining processing. At this point, we believe that the CNC lathe is limit failure happened. Second, the soft limit soft limit is a machine tool servo axis reference point as a benchmark with machine parameters ( 1320, 1321, belong to the shaft type parameters) Set the axis movement range. If beyond this range, it is called the soft limit. Soft limit, no limit switch, is simply a set of position coordinates. Three, the soft limit parameter set 1 of 1320, 1321. Numerical control lathe to zero; 2. Manually moving axes reached the expected set soft limit point, write down the machine tool coordinate values; 3. Will coordinate values in parameter, pay attention to the unit is the micro. FANUC: P1320 and P1321 parameters ( Micron unit) ; SIMENS: 36100 and 36110 parameters; 葛兰素史克:45 - 48 parameters ( We can see Chinese characters) 。 Parameters to modify the soft limit after unlock! Four, numerical control lathe limit lifted to lift the limit failure, must first distinguish fault what kind of is soft limit or hard limit. Method to distinguish the alarm message or observe the location of the feed shaft. 1. Soft limit lifted: general axial distance as long as the distance of moving in the opposite direction after exit distance area, can eliminate a alarm, press the reset key machine back to normal. 2. Hard limit lifted: generally need to on hold the machine & other; Super cheng release & throughout; ( “ Super cheng lift & throughout; ) The reverse direction at the same time. If the machine does not release the button, to try to reverse the steering wheel move screw. Note: at this time to press the abrupt stop, or electrical self-locking.
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