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Numerical control lathe safety education to learn how to 'getting started'

by:SNK     2020-08-24
Numerical control lathe the safety education of 'introduction' to learn to release time: 2019 - 04 - 29 clicks: 1902 CNC lathe security education & other; Introduction & throughout; Learn to numerical control lathe is mainly used for machining shaft, plate axisymmetrical parts. Through the operation of the nc machining program, can automatically complete inside and outside the cylinder, cone surface, forming surface, threads and transverse processes such as machining, and for turning, drilling, reaming, reaming, etc. Turning center can accomplish more in a clamping of the machining process, improve the machining precision and production efficiency, especially suitable for complicated shape revolving parts processing. While working please wear good clothes, safety shoes, wear a good working cap and goggles, are not allowed to wear gloves operation of machine tool. Be careful not to move or damage to the warning sign is installed on the machine. Clear of obstacles around the machine tool, the work space should be large enough. Note must not be allowed to two people at the same time operating machine tools and machine tool numerical control system operating interface. Machine work be preheated before you start work, carefully check whether the lubrication system to work normally, such as the machine for a long time did not start, can use first manually to each part of the oil lubrication. Use of cutting tools should be in conformity with the specifications of the machine tools allow, have seriously damaged knives to timely replacement. Adjust the knives used tools don't forgotten within the machine tool. Check the status of chuck clamping work. Before machine start, must close the machine door. Workpiece clamping and be sure to check out of the chuck chuck wrench. No contact point with hands and scrap iron, scrap iron must use iron hook or brush to clean up. Prohibited by hand or any other way to contact is rotating spindle, artifacts, or other moving parts. Ban on live, in the manufacturing process of variable speed, more cannot be wiped with cotton silk artifacts, also cannot clean machine. Operate the lathe, the operator shall not be allowed to leave the job, machine must immediately stop the anomaly. In the process of machining, are not allowed to open the door of machine. The workpiece out of lathe 100 mm outside, must set shield out of position. To at fully aware of the process, encounter problems immediately asked the teacher, is prohibited in the case of don't know the procedures for trial operation, abnormal operations such as machine tools, immediately report to the head. Manual of origin, pay attention to the machine tool shaft position to origin - each More than 100 mm, machine tool of origin order: first + X axis, then the + Z axis. Using the handwheel or fast way to move the shaft position, be sure to see machine X and Z axis direction & other; +、-” Sign no. Before you move. While moving slowly changed hands first round direction and correct rear can accelerate the speed of machine tool movement. The program runs considerations: ( 1) The knife should be accurate, and procedure calls, number of tools in; ( 2) Check the position of the machine function keystokes is correct; ( 3) The cursor should be put in the main program head; ( 4) Standing position should be appropriate, when start the program, the right hand, press the stop button preparation procedure in the operation of the hand cannot leave the stop button, if there is an emergency stop button immediately. The program must be suspended in the operation of the measuring workpiece size, to stay behind the machine stop completely, spindle stalling can be measured, so as to avoid personal accident. Shutdown, such as spindle stalling 3 minutes rear can turn it off. Prohibited without permission to open the electrical box.
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