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Numerical control lathe protective device should be how to choose?

by:SNK     2020-08-26
Numerical control lathe protective device should be how to choose? Release date: 2019 08 - 12 clicks: 419 times of CNC lathe protective device should be how to choose? Current CNC lathe protective device is called the universal shield is the numerical control lathe, lathe shield has a very wide range of applications, and performance is very good, when using lathe shield protection device is indispensable, lathe shield protection device is mainly used to isolate the human body and dangerous place and lathe of moving object design of local, mechanical rotating parts, reliable protection device shall be installed. The main function of the protective device: 1. Rotating parts of the CNC lathe shield can isolate the airport naked, some can shield and lathe into an organic whole, when using the fence should be flush with the rotational components has certain safety protection distance, to prevent a portion of the human body the net hole injured by mistake. 2. Protective barrier. It is to isolate the effect of wear debris and turnings etc. All kinds of scraps and coolant splash. 3. Protective railings. Protective railings is for some equipment that can not be in the ground operation as well as the danger zone, planing machine to install the place such as bed at both ends of the rail. Numerical control lathe shield when selecting size should be greater than the sum of the camera and lens size, cameras and lenses won't be able to load. According to the installation location, choose right indoor or outdoor lathe shield. Indoor lathe main effect of shield is dustproof, and outdoor lathe shield in addition to dust, a main role is to protect the cameras in various harsh natural environment, Like rain, snow, low temperature, high temperature, etc. ) Under the normal work. All day long and outdoor housing not only has more strict sealing structure, also a wiper, spray, multiple functions such as heating and cooling. Thus determines the housing price is much higher than indoor outdoor lathe shield. Parts need to be aware of is due to the temperature of the four seasons changed a little, both within the camera working temperature, it can choose not ordinary outdoor shield with constant temperature function, in order to reduce costs. Selection of numerical control lathe shield principle: 1. The shield type and for the CNC lathe generally can be divided into organ type shield and steel shield. Organ type shield use nylon fabric or fabric after high-frequency heat-sealing molding shield. With PVC sheet as support. Their light weight, good elasticity, mechanical extrusion deformation, compression ratio, to 10/1. 2. Man-machine system security in the first place CNC lathe shield, not only protect the lathe guide device, but also protect the personal safety of shield. Prevent people from entering the danger zone. 3. Numerical control lathe shield design concept design of shield design should follow the concept of safety protection: want to consider the personal safety of operator, safety protection device must meet the corresponding requirements, guarantee in the use of the time limit prescribed by sufficient strength, stability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance and fatigue resistance. To ensure the cover itself has enough safety reliability. In addition, the design of the protective device in the numerical control lathe, consider the possibility of risk, such as wrong operation, emergency, such as special cases, safeguard the personal safety.
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