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Numerical control lathe processing object gossip

by:SNK     2020-09-02
CNC lathe processing object which the release time: 2017 - 07 - 26 clicks: 2531 times of CNC lathe processing, can be analysis from five aspects: 1. High precision parts as a result of the numerical control lathe good rigidity, manufacturing and high precision for the knife, and can accurately and conveniently by artificial compensation even automatic compensation, so it can high dimension accuracy requirement parts. In some occasions to car for grinding. In addition, as a result of the numerical control turning tool motion is implemented by using interpolation operation and high precision servo drive, coupled with rigid and manufacture of high precision machine tool, so it can work on the generatrix straightness, roundness and cylindricity demanding parts. 2. Surface roughness good CNC lathe can work out the surface roughness of axially symmetrical parts of small parts, not only because of good rigidity and manufacture of high precision machine tool, also because it has a constant linear speed cutting function. In material, fine car allowance, and under the condition of cutting tool is set, the surface roughness depends on the feed rate and cutting speed. 3. Contour shape complex CNC lathe parts with circular arc interpolation function, so can directly use contour arc instructions for processing. Nc lathe can be composed of arbitrary plane curve contour rotary parts, can be processing equation describing the curve are available, and can also processing curve list. If turning parts of cylindrical and conical parts, also can choose both can choose traditional lathe numerical control lathe, numerical control lathe of turning complex parts can only be used. 4. Take some special type of thread cutting the thread of a traditional lathe parts is limited, it can only be processed pitch straight, such as cone, the inch thread, and a lathe only limited processing and several kinds of pitch. CNC lathes can not only processing any pitch straight, cone, the male threads, the inch thread, and end face, and can process increases the pitch and pitch, as well as the requirements such as pitch, defect of smooth transition between threads. Numerical control lathe machining screw spindle turning without alternating like traditional lathe, it can be a knife and a knife without pause cycle, until completion, so its thread cutting efficiency is very high. 5. Ultra precision and low surface roughness of parts of optical devices, such as the camera lens and its mould, and contact lenses for ultra high contour precision and low surface roughness value suitable for the high precision, high function on CNC lathe processing. The outline of superfinishing precision can reach 0. 1μ M, the surface roughness of 0. 02μ m。 The material of the ultra precision turning parts before mainly metal, has now expanded to plastic and ceramic.
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