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Numerical control lathe processing feed line to determine

by:SNK     2020-09-01
Numerical control lathe processing feed line to determine release date: 2018 - 07 - 03 clicks: 3385 times in the CNC lathe processing feed line is determined on nc lathe machining parts, should be divided according to the principle of process focus on process, in a clamping down as far as possible do most or all of the surface processing. According to different structural shapes, usually cylindrical choice, end face and inner hole, face the clamping, and strive to design the unification of the benchmarking, process benchmarking and programming the origin. To accomplish the same type of that part of the process as a process, for many and complex parts processing surface, according to its structural characteristics. To the surface of the location accuracy is higher under a clamping, so as to avoid repeated positioning clamping error influence the location accuracy. Processing done in that part of the process as a process, finishing in that part of the complete process for the procedure. For blank parts and machining accuracy requirements higher allowance, coarse and fine models should be separate, divided into two or more processes. Will arrange in low precision, rough turning power on nc machine tools, will finish turning on high precision nc machine tools. This classification method is suitable for the deformation after processing, need to separate rough and finish machining parts, such as blank for castings, welding parts, or forging parts. CNC lathe processing technology is training master the practical operation and programming of CNC lathe technology of senior skilled workers, the content of which has been widely applied around the current NC lathe and NC programming for organization operation. The main content includes: 1. Practical nc car must master the basic knowledge of processing technology, including the introduction of basic principle of the numerical control turning, CNC lathe; 2. Commonly used CNC lathe processing, processing, etc. ; 3. Manual programming or automatic programming using CAD/CAM software for the detailed steps, main technical points and processing; 4. Numerical control programming examples and exercises. With several typical application examples as the background, highlighting the basic concept of numerical control machine tool and NC programming and the key problems, make readers grasp the main points of the study, quickly achieve independent general complex degree of the level of operation and programming of NC machining. The numerical control lathe processing sequence from coarse to fine, from near to far, From right to left) The principle of certain. Namely for rough turning from right to left first, and then from right to left to the car, the last thread cutting. Numerical control lathe with functions of coarse car circulation and thread loop, as long as the proper use of programming instructions, the machine tool numerical control system will automatically determine its feed line, as a result, the parts of coarse car circulation and thread loop does not need artificially determine its feed line ( But finish turning feed line for sure) 。
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