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Numerical control lathe process and the division of work step

by:SNK     2020-09-04
CNC lathe process and the division of work step release date: 2016 - 03 - 07 clicks: a 2482 times, the division of CNC lathe process ( 1) To parts of the clamping positioning way divide the process structure shape is different, because each parts on the surface of the various technical requirements are also different, so in the processing, the positioning way will vary. When general machining parts appearance, shape positioning within; When machining parts in the form to shape orientation. Can be divided according to the different way of positioning process. ( 2) According to the coarse and fine dividing processes according to the parts machining accuracy, stiffness and deformation of the factors such as dividing process, according to the principle of separate rough and finish machining for dividing process, namely to rough machining, precision work again. At this point you can use different machine or different cutting tool for processing. Usually during an installation, parts are not allowed to be a part of surface processing is completed, and other surface machining parts. In order to reduce the changeover times, shorten the running time, reduce unnecessary and positioning error can be concentrated by using the same cutting tool machining process approach to components of the machining process. As far as possible use the same work out to all parts of the processing to the cutting tool, and then change the other parts of a cutting tool machining parts. Often used in CNC machine tools and machining center this method. Second, numerical control lathe worker the division of the division of the numerical control lathe work steps mainly from two aspects of processing accuracy and production efficiency. Within a process often need to adopt different cutting tool and cutting parameter of different surface processing. To facilitate the analysis and description of complex parts, in the process step is subdivided into work. Division of CNC lathe are principle is: ( 1) One roughing and semi-finishing and finishing at the same surface finish, or all of the processing surface according to rough machining before they are processed separately. ( 2) For both flat and boring milling machining on the surface of the parts, can press on the plane after boring milling processing first. Because according to the classification work steps of this method, can improve the machining precision of the hole. Because the milling plane when the cutting force is bigger, parts easy to deformation. After the first plane milling boring, can make its restore deformation for a period of time, and to reduce the deformation cause influence on the precision of the hole. ( 3) According to use tool to divide the work step. Some machine table turning period, shorter than tool change time, can be used according to the classification step work of use knives, to reduce the changeover times, improve processing efficiency.
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