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Numerical control lathe on-line detection 'big five' basic system

by:SNK     2020-08-25
Numerical control lathe on-line inspection release time: 'big five' basic system - 2019 08 - 19 clicks: 421 times of CNC lathe on-line detection & other; Five & throughout; The basic system of numerical control lathe online detection system is divided into two kinds: one kind of basic macro program is called directly, without computer assisted; Another is to develop their own macro program library, with the aid of computer aided programming system, generate test procedure at any time, and then transfer to the numerical control system. Numerical control lathe testing path measurement of a typical geometry steps as follows: 1. To determine the parts under test form feature geometry elements; 2. To determine the parts under test precision characteristic; 3. According to the characters of measuring the shape of the geometric elements and precision characteristics, determine the test points and distribution; 4. According to the number of measuring point and distribution form of mathematical formula; 5. If test parts of workpiece coordinate system; 6. According to the inspection conditions determine the path. The five online detection system of numerical control lathe numerical control lathe: 1. CNC lathe lathe ontology ontology is the base of processing and testing, its working parts is to achieve the required basic movement components, its driving part directly affects the machining precision and accuracy of detection. 2. Numerical control lathe numerical control system generally adopts CNC numerical control system, its main characteristic is the input storage, nc machining, interpolation algorithm and machine all kinds of control functions are realized through program. Connection between computer and other devices through interface device, when the control object or function change, only need to change the software and interface. CNC system generally consists of central processing storage and input/output interface, the central processor is composed of memory, arithmetic unit, controller and the bus. 3. Servo system servo system is an important part of numerical control lathe, to feed the CNC lathe position servo control and spindle speed ( Or position) Servo control. Servo system is to determine the performance of the machine tool machining precision, measurement accuracy, surface quality and production efficiency is the main factor. 4. Has contact trigger type probe measurement system measuring system, signal transmission system and a data acquisition system, is a key part of nc lathe online testing system, directly affects the precision of the on-line detection. Key components for the probe, the use of measuring head can be in the process of machining dimension measurement, based on the measurement automatically modify the processing procedure, improve the machining accuracy, makes the CNC lathe processing equipment, and with a certain function of the measuring machine. Rainie salt probe used in CNC lathe, machining center, CNC grinding machine, such as special plane on most of the numerical control lathe. Probe can be divided by function test probe of workpiece and tool measuring head; According to the signal transmission mode can be divided into the hard line connection type, induction, optical and radio; According to the contact form can be divided into contact measurement and non-contact measurement. Users can choose appropriate configuration according to the specific model of the machine tool. 5. Computer systems for measuring on-line detection system using the computer data acquisition and processing, testing the generation of nc program, process simulation and communicate with nc lathe, and other functions. On-line detection system considering the operation currently popular Windows and CAD/CAM/CAPP/CAM and VC software, and reduce the measurement results of analysis and computing time, generally USES Pentium level over the computer.
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