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Numerical control lathe numerical control system fault diagnosis

by:SNK     2020-09-04
Numerical control lathe numerical control system fault diagnosis release date: 2017 - 06 - 29 clicks: 2370 times as electronic skills and initiative, the use of numerical control lathe numerical control skills more and more widely. With microprocessor as the root, big planning integrated circuit as the symbol of the numerical control equipment, has been used in batch production in our country, many introduction and promotion, they invented the conditions for machinery manufacturing, and bring a lot of benefits. Today for everyone on numerical control lathe numerical control system & other related; Question & throughout; The diagnosis. 1. Began to distinguish the material usually is full-time, can through the material analysis concluded that trouble place, or adopt scene interface signal method based on fault distinguish may attack the part of the problem, and then according to the problems with the parts of the detailed features, each site view, began to distinguish. In practice, perhaps in a solution can be detected and cleaning, ways and sometimes demand. On the degree of master every way to distinguish the fault point first depends on the depth of the principle and structure of fault equipment control. 2. Alarm processing & middot; System alarm processing: problem, numerical control lathe numerical control system attacks usually appeared on the screen or to the fault signal and the corresponding information on the operation panel. Usually system operation manual or adjustment are detailed in the manual alarm, alarm content and treatment method. Because the alarm system set a single, clear completely, close, and repair worker but basis behind each alarm message and processing method to deal with. · Machine alarm and operational information processing: CNC lathe factory according to the electrical characteristics of machine tool, using the PLC program, some can reflect the machine interface electrical control aspects of the problem or operational information in a particular symbol, appeared after a device is given, and after a particular key, see more detailed report to the police. This kind of alarm based on nc lathe factory supply to eliminate wrong with manual processing, also can use the operation panel or programmer according to the circuit diagram and PLC program, find out the corresponding signal condition, according to the logic relation to find fault point for processing. 3. Fault with no alarm or alarm processing when the system of PLC can't operation, system is down when there is no alarm but not normal operation or system, demand on the basis of problem before and after the onset of system status information, have mastered the theory root, analyzes, and make an accurate determine. Here the trouble diagnosis and cleaning solution.
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