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Numerical control lathe nose radius compensation method is discussed in this paper

by:SNK     2020-08-24
Numerical control lathe nose radius compensation method to explore release time: 2019 - 12 - 30 clicks: 417 times in the field of numerical control lathe nose radius compensation is always a difficulty. On the one hand, due to the complexity of its theory, application conditions strictly, make some people feel a hindrance; On the other hand, due to the steps of the commonly used shaft processing, can also be achieved through geometrical compensation accuracy requirement, it can't effectively reflect, make some people did not attach enough importance to it. In fact, in the modern CNC system, nose radius compensation to improve the comprehensive processing accuracy has a very important role is the function must grasp skilled. Numerical control lathe to probe radius compensating method: 1. Compensation parameter setting for our common Siemens knife repairing interface, set each parameter according to the shape of the cutting tool and the installation location. For newly installed machine clip blade, radius can consult the relevant parameters of the blade, direct input. If there to check, can be manually to estimate for the, but don't start radius is too small, if the value is less than the actual value, may cause the car out of the outline is less than the actual size requirements. To appear in the manufacturing process of cone or arc bias, can pass after turning, measuring the actual size of workpieces, abrasion or modify input radius radius value, adjusted to compensate. 2. Knife repairing join and tool geometry compensation is not the same, in the cutting tool parameters, even if the tip radius has been assigned, but system when cutting tool compensation, the call will not automatically perform radius compensation, must have the corresponding instruction to perform. Generally is in front of the compensation in the procedures section, to join G41 or G42 instructions. It is important to note that the application of knife to fill orders, must be according to the head position, the relative position between the tip and workpiece to determine compensation direction, and this circular arc interpolation G02, G03 instruction, also according to the third axis direction judgement. G41: in the face of negative direction to the plane of the Y axis, along the direction of tool motion, cutting tools located on the left side of the workpiece, called left the tool radius compensation; G42: in the face of negative direction to the plane of the Y axis, along the direction of tool motion, the cutting tool is located in the workpiece on the right side, is called tool radius compensation right. Judgment in the use of a third axis direction of knife repairing is a difficult thing, for convenience, we can such memories: rear tool rest, what you see is what you get, See the left compensation, with G41, see is the right compensation, with G42) ; Front head, can see the income ( See the left compensation, with G42, see is the right compensation, with G41) 。 3. Numerical control lathe point compensation mode and path of modern numerical control system is C compensation mode. Execute when the cutting tool radius compensation, the system will be a proofread the two procedures section, according to the connection of two procedures section node condition to calculate the corresponding trajectory, and in turn perform the procedures section. If a single period of running, you will be calculated on the proofs of trajectory pause at the end of the first paragraph. If it is a continuous operation, first according to the calculation results of two program of the proofs, perform the first paragraph, at the same time to proofread the third paragraph, then according to the calculation result of the second and third paragraph, execution of the second paragraph, at the same time, again to proofread the fourth paragraph, in accordance with the execution of this order to complete all the procedures section. The adoption of lectures in advance mode, therefore, on the profile control is very precise. Nose radius compensation is divided into three steps: knife establishment, knife, knife tonic. Cancel. From without compensation mode to establish G41 or G42 instructions, called a knife repairing. Knife repairing for cutting tool according to the radius compensation is set way of execution process of workpiece machining. When setting the compensation after the completion of the work, with out compensation for knife repairing cancel G40 instructions.
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