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Numerical control lathe maintenance skills necessary materials

by:SNK     2020-08-24
Numerical control lathe maintenance skills necessary material release time: 2016 - 07 - 26 clicks: 2029 times the correctness of the maintenance effect, finding fault, also decided to repair personnel familiar with CNC lathe system level and skill proficiency of materials. So in peacetime should carefully clean up and sampling the important skills of numerical control system material. For big CNC lathe breakdown maintenance, material should possess the following skills: ( 1) CNC numerical control lathe application to clarify the book it is compiled by CNC lathe manufacturer and material along with the supply of machine tool. Usually contains the following maintenance related content: (1) the operating process and steps of machine tools; (2) the principle diagram of the machine tool electrical control; (3) machine drive system as well as the important component of structure principle diagram; (4) machine tools installation and regulate the method and step; (5) machine tool hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication system graph; 6. Special efficacy and clarify machine application. ( 2) Numerical control system of material should be numerical control device installation, application, Contains programming) , operation and maintenance skills to clarify books, including: (1) the numerical control equipment operation panel arrangement and its operation; (2) the numerical control device within each skill points of the circuit board and external connection diagram; (3) the significance of the system parameter and its setting methods; (4) the numerical control device of the diagnostic efficacy and alarm list; (5) the distribution of the nc device interface and its meaning, etc. Through the above-mentioned material, CNC lathe CNC maintenance personnel should control principle block diagram, the structure arrangement, the action of the circuit board, board luminous tube instigated meaning; Through the panel to various operating systems, from diagnostic testing, inspection and correction parameter and can make a backup. By judge fault alarm information field proficiently, testing system for the maintenance of the testing point, make full use of the system of random diagnostic efficacy. ( 3) PLC material it is on the basis of the specific machine tool control request sponsor motion control software design, preparation of machine tools. PLC program contains the process of machine tool for the implementation of the action, and of action as the premise, it clear instructions signal, the detecting element and all logical relationship between the performance of the components. Other advanced numerical control system using numerical control system of display can be directly to the middle of the PLC program storage device state points into for dynamic monitoring and inspection, which supply great easily for maintenance, therefore, must be familiar with the control in maintenance operation and application of this technique. If complete, generally contains the following materials: (1), programming of PLC device and its programming connection, operation skills to clarify; (2) the PLC user program listing or ladder diagram; 3. I/O address list and significance; (4) alarm text external connection diagram and PLC. ( 4) Servo unit material feed servo drive system and the principle of spindle servo unit, connection, adjust and maintenance skills to clarify book, including: (1) the electrical principle diagram and the wiring diagram; (2) all alarm display information, and the relief of important points and testing points; (3) the significance of the servo unit parameters and Settings. The principle of maintenance personnel should be controlled servo unit, familiar with the connection. Can fault instigated from the cell plate state of luminous tube and screen display alarm, conclude that fault area; Test status and the key points of the waveform, and make a comparison; Check and adjust the servo parameters, optimize the servo system. ( 5) Machine tool supporting effect important part of books and materials in the numerical control lathe applications tend to be more efficacy components, such as: nc rotary table, tool change device, lubrication and cooling system, such as chip removal device. These efficacy components, its manufacturers usually supply a complete application to clarify book, machine tool manufacturers should be supply to the user, in order to troubleshoot in case of efficacy component failure.
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