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Numerical control lathe maintenance is very important

by:SNK     2020-09-02
Numerical control lathe maintenance and it is very important to maintain the release date: 2019 - 08 - 30 author: click: CNC lathe is the integrated application of computer technology, automatic control technology, automatic detection technology and precision machinery design and manufacture of advanced technology, such as the product of high and new technology, the intensity and the high degree of automation technology, electromechanical integration of typical products. Compared with the numerical control lathe, numerical control lathe has not only high precision parts processing, high efficiency, stable product quality, the characteristics of automation and it also can complete to conventional machine tools or not at all machining complex curved surface parts processing, and numerical control lathe secondary status is becoming more and more important in the mechanical manufacturing industry. Machine tool rigidity: slant bed CNC lathe cross-sectional area than with the specifications of the flat bed is big, the stronger resistance to bending and torsional ability. Slant bed CNC lathe tool is cutting down over the Angle of the workpiece, the cutting force and the gravity of the artifacts direction, so the spindle running relatively stable, not easy to cause cutting vibration, and at the time of the cutting flat bed CNC machine tool, cutting tool and cutting force produced by the artifacts and artifact gravity into 90 °, easy to cause vibration. To do the daily maintenance of CNC lathe, can prolong the service life of components and prolong mechanical parts wear cycles, prevent the happening of the accident, strive for the CNC lathe work stably for a long time; Also can give full play to the CNC lathe processing advantages, to achieve the technical characteristics of the numerical control lathe, ensure that numerical control lathe can work normally, so this is for the CNC lathe operator, or for maintenance personnel nc lathe, CNC lathe maintenance is very important, we must attach great importance to. We strive to create a good environment for numerical control lathe: due to the numerical control lathe contains a large number of electronic components, they are afraid of direct sunlight, also afraid of moisture and dust, vibration, etc, these all can make the electronic components from corrosion bad or cause short circuit between the components, cause the machine doesn't run properly. Numerical control lathe custom manufacturer recommendations in use, to improve nc lathe, as far as possible to start the rate. Numerical control lathe for new purchase should be put into use as soon as possible, numerical control lathe in use early failure rate is relatively larger, users should be under warranty take full advantage of nc lathe, make its weaknesses exposed as soon as possible, to solve during the warranty period. If in the absence of production tasks, also cannot spare no, electricity, regularly every empty running 1 hour or so, the use of numerical control lathe calorific value at runtime to remove or reduce the humidity in the machine.
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