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Numerical control lathe main transmission system fault maintenance instance

by:SNK     2020-08-27
CNC lathe main transmission system fault maintenance instance release date: 2016 - 05 - 16 clicks: example 1, 2320 times of CNC lathe spindle noise breakdown maintenance, fault phenomenon, CK6140 CNC lathe when 1200 revolutions, spindle bigger noise analysis and process: CK6140 CNC lathe is the gear transmission. In general main noise source of the noise basically has: when gear meshing impact and friction of noise; Spindle oil tank of oil does not reach the designated position of noise; The spindle bearing noise caused by bad. The spindle box cover screw loosening, landed on the cover, found the oil tank in the normal level. Check the gears of gear and gear with a fork, hard point if there is burrs and gear meshing, the result is normal, the copper on the fork without friction marks, flexible and mobile. After eliminate these faults, pulley and chuck, loosen the lock nut, spindle, check the spindle bearings, check found bearing outer ring raceway surface has a tiny pits, bruised replacement bearing, reinstall, sound level meter is used to inspect, spindle noise down to 73. 5分贝。 Case 2, the spindle oil fault phenomenon: milling drilling machine processing oil appeared in the process of analysis and process: the milling drilling machine for manual shift transmission, through the spindle box cover at the top of the oil hole to join cooling lubricants. When processing as long as the speed of 400 RPM, the oil will be down along the shaft. Observe the oil tank, oil standard shown in oil in the upper limit position. Open the spindle box cover, found that the cooling oil has filled with the spindle box ( Also does not exceed the spindle bearing side) And cursor have also been oil immersion. To be sure, there is oil to add too much oil caused by diffuse when reaches a certain speed. Drain excess oil after the spindle oil leakage problem solving during operation. External observation of oil standard is normal, because gas is too urgent cause the cursor to discharge air, oil cursor is submerged, illusion to refuel, leading to excess gas, and oil. Example 3, numerical control lathe spindle box oil leakage fault phenomenon: CK6136 nc lathe spindle box parts oil seepage analysis and processing, the main external shield removed, discovered oil oozes out from the main shaft encoder. The encoder is installed on the spindle box CK6136 nc lathe, belongs to the third shaft, oil seal of the encoder type O sealing ring seal method. Remove the encoder, remove the encoder shaft, found that the type O sealing ring rubber has wear and tear, spring has come to light, belong to improper installation type O sealing ring. Replace the sealing ring after the problem solving. Example 4, roughness processing unqualified failure phenomenon: CK6136 nc lathe turning workpiece roughness not qualified analysis and process: when turning cylindrical CK6136 nc lathe, turning grain is not clear, fine roughness after the car. After the exclusion process factors ( Such as knives, rotation, material, feed, turning, etc. ) , will be the main shaft gears on neutral, spinning spindle by hand, feeling the spindle is loose. Open the spindle cover, loosen spindle check screw back, tightening spindle lock nut rotation axis with the hand, feeling the spindle after appropriate, lock the spindle check screw back, fine cutting, problem solved.
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