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Numerical control lathe machining characteristics

by:SNK     2020-08-30
Numerical control lathe machining features that release time: 2016 - 07 - 19 clicks: 1 2199 times, the adaptable change on the CNC lathe processing parts, only need to program, enter the new procedure can be achieved after the new parts processing, and does not need to change the mechanical part and control part of the hardware, and the production process is done automatically. For complex structure parts of single piece and small batch production and manufacture of new products to provide great convenience. 2, high processing precision and the stable quality of nc lathe is given according to the digital form of instructions for processing, processing normally does not need manual intervention, eliminates the operator error produced artificially. In designing and manufacturing of CNC machine tools, taken many measures, make the mechanical parts of the CNC machine has higher precision and rigidity, and reverse feed transmission chain gap and the screw pitch error and so on all can compensate by numerical control device. Through compensation technology, nc machine tools machining precision can obtain higher precision than itself. 3, can machining complex curved surface nc lathe for can realize two axes linkage, so easy to implement many common horizontal lathe is difficult to finish or will not be able to process the curve and surface composition of rotors processing and non-standard pitch thread, varying pitch screw thread processing. 4, high degree of automation, the worker labor intensity is low on nc lathe machining parts, wipe the author besides input program, unloading workpieces, such as knife, the key process in the middle of the examination, do not need to undertake other complex manual operation, the intensity of labor and the stress levels are greatly reduce. Machine tools are generally has a good safety protection, automatic chip removal and automatic cooling device, the operator has been greatly improved working conditions. 5, high efficiency range of CNC lathe spindle speed and feed than ordinary machine tool, can choose the best of every working procedure of cutting parameter. Nc machine tool structure rigidity, allowing large cutting force of cutting parameter, improve the efficiency of nc machine tool cutting, save the maneuver time. Nc machine tool's moving parts spare travel movement speed, short workpiece clamping time and cutting tool can be automatically replaced, greatly reduce the auxiliary time than lathes. Nc machine tool replacing processed parts almost don't need to adjust machine, save time to install the workpiece. 6, good economic benefit of CNC lathe processing parts can save marking time, reduce the adjustment, machining and inspection time, save production cost directly, generally do not need to make special fixture, saved the cost of process equipment; Nc machine tools machining precision stability, reduce the rejection rate, the production cost down further. 7, is advantageous to the production management of modern CNC lathe using a digital signal with the standard code processing and transfer information, especially in the computer control is used on nc machine tools, for the computer aided design, manufacturing, management integration.
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