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Numerical control lathe machining center precision testing knowledge

by:SNK     2020-08-23
Numerical control lathe machining center precision testing knowledge release date: 2016 - 08 - 29 clicks: 1 2326 times, numerical control lathe for different shapes of guide rail, the appearance should control what plane straightness error separation? A: processing center guide common shapes are rectangle guide rail and v-shaped guide. Rectangular guide level appearance control guide in straight plane straightness error. Rectangular guide around the two side of manipulation of the guide in the horizontal plane straightness error. Vee way, because of guide rail is two oblique appearance, so two oblique appearance both manipulation of the straight plane straightness error, also control the plane straightness error. 2, guide rail straightness errors commonly used detection methods have? A: guide common detection method for straightness error are research point method, leveling ruler table comparison, cushion method of plug, wire pull test and level testing technique, optical flatness gauge ( Autocollimation) Tests, etc. 3, what is called research point? Answer: when using a straight edge detection guide rail straightness error, guide looks at is evenly coated with a thin layer of red lead oil, will be inspection guide ruler in appearance, with the appropriate pressure make short intervals of reciprocating movement research points, and then remove the flat feet, investigating the research point of test guide appearance spread condition and research point of density. Research point spread evenly on the guide rail length, suggests that guide the straightness error has reached to the ruler's corresponding precision demand. This way is called research point method. Research point method used leveling ruler ruler is a specification, their level of accuracy is based on the precision demand of test guide to select, usually not less than 6. Length is shorter than the length of test guide to ( In under the condition of low precision requirement, short leveling ruler length than guides a quarter) 。 4, numerical control lathe research point method which is suitable for a variety of guide rail straightness error detection? A: choose scraping research method to mend the guide rail straightness error, mostly choose research point method. Research point is often used in the detection of short guide rail, because the ruler beyond simple deformation when 2000 mm, make difficult, and affect the measurement accuracy. Blow grind short guide rail, rail straightness errors usually by the ruler to ensure accuracy, together with the research point of density per unit area is must demand, and can be based on the machining accuracy requirements, and in the middle of the guide in this middle of the nature and importance of location, separation rules for every 25 mm & times; Within 25 mm research point of not less than 10 ~ 20 points ( Per blow within the party ideas) 。 As the research point method is used to inspect straightness error of the rails, because it can't measure the guide rail straightness error value, so when a level, usually don't have to research point method for detection. It should be noted, however, in the absence of measurement instrument ( Level, optical flatness gauge, etc. ) Under the condition of, choose three flat feet from inspection method for the research flat feet, can effectively satisfied processing usually short guide rail straightness error detection requirements in the middle. 5, numerical control lathe ruler table comparison method is suitable for the measurement of guide rail which plane straightness error? Answer: the ruler to pull table comparison method is usually used to detect short guide rail in a straight surface and horizontal plane straightness error. In order to progress the stability of the measurement reading, moving on the inspection guide rail pad iron generally do not exceed 200 mm in length, and shim and the touch of guide rail surface should be faced with were guide, make its outstanding touch, or it will affect the accuracy of measurement. ( 1) Straight plane straightness error detection method put into levels, the ruler working face in checked around the guide rail, the more close the better, to reduce the influence of guide rail distortion on the measurement accuracy. Put one on the guide rail and guide with a good mat iron, will dial gauge fixed on the pad iron, make the dial gauge measuring head has two top care feet appearance, adjust the flat feet, make the reading of the dial gauge to care about feet two head looks flat, then move the pad iron, every 200 mm read numerical a dial indicator, dial gauge readings each big difference is the guide rail straightness error in length. During measurement, in order to prevent blow point, the effect of the reading precision, under the dial gauge measuring head pad a gage block.
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