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Numerical control lathe lubrication system alarm failure analysis

by:SNK     2020-08-31
Numerical control lathe lubrication system failure analysis of alarm time: 2017 - 05 - 11 clicks: in general, 3351 times of CNC lathe lubrication control relative to other control system is relatively simple, but in the practical work seems simple but contains the truth. The following analysis numerical control lathe lubrication failure cases, through summarizing, maintenance can benefit a lot from it. Using FANUC numerical control system of numerical control lathe, its lubricating system, four points by the hydraulic oil tank, oil pump motor oil machine, detection of liquid level and pressure respectively by the float switch and pressure switch. Pressure lubrication system to work normally after 4 MPa, lubrication system to complete the four lubrication cycle, namely by the four road points oiler, in turn, guide rail, spindle, screw and so on four parts of the lubrication, the test way is by the pressure switch on and off four times, PLC after the action logic signal is detected, the recognition lubrication complete, otherwise, they think the initialization lubrication failure, leading to the police. Progressive type lubrication system is mainly composed of lubricating oil pump, progressive distributor, and connect the pump to the distributor, the distributor to give oil of all kinds of pipe parts. Its structure is composed of lubricating oil pump jet lubricating oil/grease by progressive work distributor to the lubrication parts scattered supply in progressive manner. Progressive type oil distributor is a measured amount of lubricating oil, and at the same time run in a certain order with lubrication components. To a certain amount of lubricating oil, Fat) In accordance with the order from the oil outlet, in turn, each note and delivery to the lubrication points, can not only apply to pressure in 1 ~ 6 MPa at the end of the lubricating oil, and can apply to end in 1 ~ 5 MPa pressure grease lubrication. Divided into two major categories of monolithic, chip from the structure, according to the actual application can choose different structures and different combinations, which can realize continuous lubrication cycle or approximate. Numerical control lathe lubrication system action principle: progressive type centralized lubrication system work in its system of progressive distributor mode of action has a characteristics, progressive work distributor is a distributor within the plunger under the pressure of the pump lubricant action, in turn give oil lubricant distribution of each part. During the period of lubricant to the distributor by pump pressure, piston action repeatedly, give oil lubricant distributed to each place, as starting time for the oil pump oil and parts supply and fuel delivery times and different, lubrication pump start-up time control are set in the machine PLC programming. As long as the work into the progressive distributor of lubricant to maintain a certain pressure, the dispatcher can work continuously. Live as long as any one in the middle of his death cannot move, among other pieces of piston will all blocked, the distributor will cease to work, as long as the piece set in the middle induction piston moves closer to the switch, can alarm in time when piston is blocked.
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