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Numerical control lathe inner hole machining error

by:SNK     2020-08-31
Numerical control lathe inner hole machining error reason release date: 2016 - 08 - 22 clicks: 2167 CNC lathe turning tool with the same processing large difference of the two inner hole diameter, often appear a hole processing size is correct, is consistent with the numerical programming, but another hole machining size is bigger than size of programming. After preliminary examination, found no numerical control lathe in control system has any fault, and mechanical parts processing process is no problem. In order to further confirm the cause of the problem is not in the machine tool itself, and with cylindrical cutting tool processing two steps axis, the processing result is two levels of shaft processing programming and the diameter size. This is the basic state the reason for the inner hole machining error is not in the machine tool, should find the reason in other ways. CNC lathe reason analysis: the inner hole machining error on the nc lathe machining inner hole and cylindrical compared to the influence of many factors. Such as tool rod length is longer than the other, smaller diameter, poor rigidity, cooling and chip removal difficult, blade and machine tool axis installation such as bad control and so on. At the same time, hole machining accuracy is higher. The nc lathe turning, before installation tool is typically the point with the spindle axis to contour. For slant bed CNC lathes, the knife tower and the installation of machine tool spindle axis relative height in manufacturing has strict requirements, as long as don't have to adjust the blade height with standard tools. Most flat bed CNC lathe machine tool manufacturers to rest the relative height of no unified standard to the spindle axis, the height of each different, namely using the standard tools to use pads adjust the height of the blade. Outside the actual machining process, the ladder shaft surface rarely processing error, mainly is the operator can cut through the test end check whether the tool center height is consistent with the main shaft, facilitate measurement point deviation, the machining error caused less and easy to solve. The ladder hole when machining error for many reasons and the cause of the error is difficult to find, the operator is usually considered to be of the problem of the precision of machine tools. Inner hole tool adjustment is difficult, sometimes machining hole is small, in order to avoid tool rod into the workpiece hole, tend to put the cutting tool. In this case, the machining diameter for blade section is accurate, if the processing step hole machining size error is produced. Found after the error analysis of the causes mainly appeared in the process of knife, cylindrical processing to try cutting face DaoHui check whether the tool center height is consistent with the main shaft, facilitate measurement point deviation, produce error is less; But the hole machining of blade due to high end face inspection tooling center, is most direct measurement of diameter of bore, so for the diameter of the blade section is accurate, but highly inconvenient measurement tool center, the cutting tool has a height difference in such other inner hole diameter will produce the error.
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